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Waitemata Honey Co. Creates Refreshing Designs For New Facial Cream

by Casha Doemland on 06/25/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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Skincare continues to be a craze that sweeps the world, and Waitemata Honey has developed a new facial cream with Manuka Honey that is sure to leave your face soft and moisturized.  

"In such an oversaturated and competitive market sector as New Zealand Manuka Honey brands need to look beyond the standard ‘honey in a jar’. Waitemata Honey has been actively working on new product development outside of the norm, pushing their industry leading honey knowledge into new categories which have yet to utilize the powerful, natural goodness of Manuka Honey. Between partnering with a business specializing in premium cosmetics and working with a food technologist, Waitemata Honey have succeeded where others have failed by producing a premium face cream."

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"While the honey product was unique, the category is saturated with brands. Onfire Design was asked to help develop packaging that would stand out in this crowded space. Steering clear of the standard ‘honey’ cliché graphics and messages, we worked with a local box manufacturer to create a bespoke clam opening box which, when opened, showcased the product on retail shelves. Learning from brands in the ultra-premium space, a clean and minimal livery was created to bridge the gap between natural honey and niche health and beauty. All with a hint of glam. Silver and gold foils denote the Manuka Honey strength which speaks directly to the consumer shopping in this high end, premium cosmetic market. Launching in mainland China in retail and overseas duty-free channels, Honey Face Cream is a minimalist and self-assured brand with a strong point of difference."

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Agency: Onfire DesignCreative Director: Matt GranthamDesigners: Georgina Brothers  & Michelle Maude Box Production: Forbes Packaging