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Hyper Six Skincare And A Commitment To Inclusivity

by Chloe Gordon on 09/08/2023 | 2 Minute Read

MATRAFOX studio's packaging design for Hyper Six Skincare is a visual testament to an innovative approach to scientific wellness. Encased in a vibrant, radiant orange container, the product exudes a sense of transformation and innovation. The design boldly breaks through gender boundaries, emphasizing inclusivity and perfectly representing the brand's ethos. Beyond beauty and science, Hyper Six's commitment to sustainability shines through with 100% recycled plastic containers, embodying a dedication to skincare excellence and environmental responsibility.

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Meet Hyper Six: A Revolution in Skincare Reimagined Hyper Six is not your conventional skincare product—it's an audacious expedition into the world of scientific skincare and wellness. Seductively ensconced in a vivacious, radiant orange container, our product pulses with the power of transformation. Unleashing a revolution in unisex skincare, Hyper Six has been brilliantly crafted to cater to all individuals, breaking through gender boundaries with verve and flair. At Hyper Six, we believe in serums and moisturizers that work as hard as you do and skincare that loves you as much as you love it. Our innovative formula harnesses the power of science to work at the very heart of your skin cells—the DNA.

Hyper Six's ultra-premium skincare solutions act at the root source of your skin's vitality, redefining the boundaries of what skincare can achieve. We're about pushing the limits, breaking conventions, and above all else, accentuating the beauty that lies within your skin. But it's not just about beauty and the science of skin—it's about our planetary impact. Uncompromising in our ethics, Hyper Six champions sustainability without sacrificing an ounce of splendor or efficacy. Each vibrant orange container, radiating with our emblematic vitality, is constructed from 100% recycled plastic—an act of devotion toward the environment. It's a reminder that the elegance of our brand is as much about the outside as the inside. Posted securely in a robust, cylindrical cardboard box, your Hyper Six product arrives in packaging as ethereal and practical as the elixir it encases. Vibrant as the sunset, this bright orange cylinder, too, is 100% recyclable, signaling our commitment to a sustainable skincare future.

With every Hyper Six product, you won't simply unwrap a cosmetic item, but you'll unearthen a pledge—a promise of exceptional skincare, a devotion to inclusive beauty, and a dedication to our shared environment. Hyper Six is an audacious mission to harmonize top-tier skin cellular science, gender-fluid beauty, and ethical responsibility towards the earth. Experience a skincare brand that is as conscious, radical, and prestigious as you. Take a plunge into the future of skincare, sustainability, and self-expression—with Hyper Six. It's time to transform the way you think about your skin, your impact, and your identity.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph


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