Featured image for Mersey Craft Spirits Unveils Whiskey Line Infused With Adventurous Legacy

Mersey Craft Spirits Unveils Whiskey Line Infused With Adventurous Legacy

by Chloe Gordon on 08/23/2023 | 2 Minute Read

CF Napa Brand Design encapsulates the spirit of exploration in its captivating packaging for Mersey Craft Spirits. Tasked with infusing F.A. Poole's adventurous legacy into the brand's identity, CF Napa delves into the maritime tale of F.A. Poole, whose courageous voyages aboard the Queen of the Mersey inspired the heart of Mersey Craft Spirits. Drawing from a curated collection of global discoveries, the packaging ignites the imbiber's desire to explore and unearth premium spirits. CF Napa's ingenious portrayal of the brand's icon as a ship pays homage to F.A. Poole's maritime exploits. The label design merges contemporary aesthetics with vintage travel ticket nostalgia.

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CF Napa Captures the Spirit of Exploration F.A. Poole & Co. Distillers came to CF Napa Brand Design to refine their story and create the packaging design for their Mersey Craft Spirits brand, starting with their Straight Rye Whiskey. The brand owner & proprietor was inspired by his grandfather, F.A. Poole, whose adventurous spirit led him to brave the open ocean aboard the Queen of the Mersey. The products of Mersey Craft Spirits are curated from a collection of discovered spirits from all over the world, igniting the spirit of exploration in the imbiber – “exploring and discovering premium spirits.” For the main graphic, CF Napa Brand Design drew the brand icon as a ship to honor F.A. Poole’s travels on the Queen of the Mersey. The label design’s usage of type and label shape is a modern take on nostalgic travel tickets.

The inclusion of the recipe and bottle numbers emphasize the brand’s unique curation model and limited production and invite you to “explore this whiskey.” From Mersey Craft Spirits: “Terroir is the influence of a place and its people on our whiskey. We believe in the grain-to-glass method, sustainable sourcing and integrating the spirit of exploration into everything we create. Our fifth generation of intrepid explorers, pioneers and artisans' endeavor to bring this to you in every batch. Recipe No. 6 is a premium, double rye blend of 95% and 51% custom rye mash bills that were locally sourced, fermented, distilled, and aged between 4 and 3 years in North Carolina. It’s spicy and full yet finishes smooth. Taste the terroir with Mersey Craft Spirits.”

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Editorial photograph


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