Featured image for Seadrop's Waterless Beads Cuts Down Shipping Costs For A More Sustainable Skincare Solution

Seadrop's Waterless Beads Cuts Down Shipping Costs For A More Sustainable Skincare Solution

by Chloe Gordon on 07/27/2023 | 2 Minute Read

As important as washing my face is, haphazardly splashing cold water on my delicate face twice a day with excess product dripping down my wrists onto my countertops and the tips of my sleeve irks me. And yet, Seadrop is a brand reinspiring me to continue the chore thanks to the sheer magic of the "just add water" beads. The packaging, designed by Greg Stock, is simple and sea-inspiring, and the glass jar filled with waterless beads cuts down on the surplus weight. If mermaids needed skincare, they'd surely be using this brand, but for now, I, a mere two-legged human, have rediscovered the joy of taking care of my skin.


The top ingredient in traditional facial cleansers is water, making up 90% of each bottle. Water is not only heavy and carbon-intensive to ship, but it’s also the reason we need artificial preservatives in skincare products (since water breeds bacteria). Enter: Seadrop Skincare — the AAPI-owned, premium "just-add-water" skincare brand. The brand’s waterless, powder-based, pre-dosed beads effortlessly transform into luxurious skincare using just the water from your tap. 

At the forefront of this exciting launch is Seadrop's flagship product, the Hydrating Seafoam Cleanser. The cleanser is specially formulated to thoroughly rid your skin of dirt, oil, makeup, and other impurities while simultaneously strengthening your skin's natural barrier for long-term hydration. Formulated with non-comedogenic ingredients, this cleanser is dermatologist-tested, clinically tested, and non-irritating, making it suitable for all skin types. Key ingredients include:

  • Rice Starch: to minimize pores and repair the skin barrier
  • Oat Oil: with vitamin E and ceramides to reduce inflammation and soften skin
  • Papaya Enzyme: enzymes to brighten skin and improve texture
  • Blue Butterfly Pea Flower: to calm skin irritation and stimulate collagen growth with antioxidants
  • Kaolin: clay to clear pores and improve skin elasticity
  • Grapefruit and Orange Extracts: to support collagen and elastin growth with antioxidants
  • Oat Flour: to restore moisture and protect your skin's barrier

Seadrop's commitment to sustainability goes beyond the waterless beads; its unique waterless form allows the brand to explore zero-waste refill packaging. After receiving the Welcome Kit, inclusive of a glass Eternal Jar, customers will only need to repurchase cleanser refills. Each Refill Tube contains 60 cleanser beads and arrives in 100% biodegradable, FSC-certified paper tubes that are printed with soy-based inks for easy recyclability. By eliminating water and artificial preservatives from its products, Seadrop provides skincare that is light on the face, the ocean, and the planet.