Featured image for Halo Top Introduces a Fashionable Hand Bag For Ice Cream On-The-Go

Halo Top Introduces a Fashionable Hand Bag For Ice Cream On-The-Go

by Bill McCool on 07/19/2023 | 1 Minute Read

National Ice Cream Day is more of an everyday celebration around these here parts, particularly as unrelenting, extreme heat continues to make most of the world miserable and sweaty. Not that ice cream can save us from the worsening climate crisis, but sometimes we could all use a little treat amongst all the doom and gloom.


Of course, keeping that ice cream in peak, frozen condition and not a soupy mess is becoming quite the ask through these brutal summer months. That's why Halo Top has introduced the PintPack, the hottest, er, coldest way to keep your frozen treats intact and creamy. Designed to resemble—and carry—the Halo Top ice cream pint, the PintPack makes for the perfect fashionable summer accessory. On the inside, you’ll find the usual double-insulated technology, but the outer portion of the bag consists of premium, soft-quilted leather, making for a durable but aesthetically pleasing tote.


Also, it scratches the insatiable itch to turn every piece of packaging into a designer bag—hello, Balenciaga and Lays.

While the PintPack has already come and gone, Halo Top is running a giveaway promotion on Instagram until July 19th, so you still have a few hours to get that bag.

Images courtesy of Halo Top.