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Reused Remade Is A More Sustainable Shopping Bag

by Chloe Gordon on 03/09/2023 | 2 Minute Read


It’s critical times. Single use plastics are filling up our oceans. Tons of textiles are being burnt or buried. 2016 Pia Walter and Josephine Alhanko, the founders of Reused Remade, set out to create a more sustainable shopping bag. Eventually they found a neglected high-quality fabric - discarded hotel linen. They decided to give these threads a second chance.

Up-cycled bed linen get a new life as shopping bags, replacing plastic bags at Sweden’s largest retail stores. For leisure activities, the sheets are made into beach bags or string bags for sports, while old towels get transformed into beauty products.


Brand Union created a new identity for Reused Remade, conveying adaptability and circularity. A design weaving together their mission to create a more circular society with their ability to see beauty where others see trash.

The thread became the hero brand asset. It was given life of its own - running through the logotype, making a script and creating a simple yet playful iconography. The color palette was chosen to represent the seasons in nature: bright spring pastels paired with moldering, earthy tones.

Altogether giving Reused Remade a new brand expression - made to be used and reused, again and again.

  • Designed By: Brand Union Sthlm
  • Managing Director: Jonas Andersson
  • Account Director: Andreas Engstrand
  • Account Manager: Carolina Berggren
  • Creative Director: Fredrika Doré
  • Design Director: Dag Forsberg
  • Senior Designer: Therese Ottem
  • Senior Designer: Magnus Edholm
  • Designer: Emelie Svensson
  • Designer: Kaman Chan
  • Designer: Anna Ringö
  • Film Editor: Robin Günther
  • Co-founder & Head of Sales: Josephine Alhanko
  • PR and Marketing Manager: Sara von Gegerfelt


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