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Coca-Cola Unveils Global Refresh For Minute Maid

by Rudy Sanchez on 05/02/2023 | 2 Minute Read

Coca-Cola has unveiled a global refresh of its juice brand Minute Maid. Sold in over a hundred countries, Minute Maid goes by the name del Valle in Latin America and Cappy in Europe and Africa.

The refreshed identity was executed by Coca-Cola’s design team in partnership with JKRLandor & FitchGrey, and VMLY&R. Minute Maid will continue using global sub-brands like del Valle and Cappy under a new, unified visual presentation with a new logo and typography. The Minute Maid refresh also includes updated color palettes, illustrations, and photography that adds brightness and liveliness and is extensible enough to be used globally across different sub-brands.


“We started with the aim of making seasonal orange juice available year-round and have since evolved into being a much-loved staple in family kitchens. Today, the Minute Maid brand is enjoyed by many worldwide. Still, the brand experience can vary depending on where you encounter it," Rapha Abreu, global VP of Design for Coca-Cola, said in a press release.

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"We felt the Minute Maid family was due for an elevation to the icon it truly is," he added. "With this move, we are thinking about our brand holistically—developing a flexible global design system centered on what makes Minute Maid unique, and defining and evolving our distinctive assets so that they can be adopted locally to connect with consumers around the world.”

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Minute Maid is the latest brand in The Coca-Cola Company’s portfolio to receive a global-unifying refresh, following Coca-ColaSprite, and Fanta.

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