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SPERTO Values Evolution

by Chloe Gordon on 02/22/2023 | 2 Minute Read

GM Conversions, with more than 20,000 cars converted to gas, has positioned itself in Peru as the leading automotive workshop in its category. Although they already had recognition in the market, their name was based on the initials of the founders, which they wanted to change because their business model was evolving from being a distributor to a producer of their own conversion kit. This was also influenced by their visual identity, which anchored them in the past and repeated recurring visual codes in the category.

Talking about visual codes, most of the automotive conversion brands in Peru seek to be linked to environmental care, which leads them to have recurring visual codes, having a lot of similarity between one and another. In addition, due to their constant over-design, they provoke a disorder in their communication, which makes the category feel informal.


We start by identifying a powerful territory: evolution, because the brand seeks to bring cars to their best version. The new name was inspired by the positioning already gained: Sperto, for being the real experts in gas conversion.

For the visual identity we based ourselves on the car's route, creating a symbol that represents the concept. Complemented by the color red, which gives us differentiation and reflects the lively personality of the brand, and a typography of solid shapes and rigid terminations that link to the automotive world. This is how we generated a visual system that effectively communicates the personality of the brand, without excessive graphic elements that hinder the complete understanding of Sperto. In this way we were able to create powerful inputs that provide clear identification and differentiation, making it memorable and elevating the current market behavior.