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Hasbro Provides More Details On Plastic-Free Packaging To Collector Community

by Rudy Sanchez on 08/03/2022 | 2 Minute Read

While San Diego’s Comic-Con has become more known for fans ogling Marvel celebs, sneak-peak trailer porn, and Kevin Feige attempting his best Steve Jobs impression instead of, you know, actual comic books, there are also other little morsels of news that come from the annual event.

During the recent fan gathering, Hasbro provided an update to its plastic-free packaging initiative. The update clarifies the lines that will go plastic-free and which would retain the familiar blister packs and plastic windows known throughout the toy industry. The toy maker also previewed some of its upcoming plastic-free packaging, showing that Hasbro wants to strike a balance between toys purchased for collecting and displayed in its packaging and toys removed from their boxes and actively played with by children.

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Hasbro intends to keep the 3.75in Retro and Vintage line of collectible figures in their blister packs, saying that classic packaging is a large part of the experience collectors have with the toys. Hasbro did note that to offset some of the environmental impacts of the blister packs’ use of plastic, it will continue to use plant-based and recycled PET for the window.

Popular collectible lines like Star Wars: The Black Series, G.I. Joe Classified, Marvel Legends, and Power Rangers Lightning, however, will receive the plastic-free treatment.

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Packaging is a significant component of the product experience, especially for toy collectors. And as with most nerdy endeavors, substantial changes are met with a lot of skepticism, doubt, and anger. Many collectors keep toys Mint In Box/Mint On Card (MIB/MOC). Without the plastic window to see the actual figure, enthusiasts won't know if the paint is applied correctly, the toy comes intact, or if it's even the correct figure displayed on the packaging. Toy “swapping,” that is switching out or removing figures or items and then returning the item, already happens in big box retailers like Walmart and Target, and that’s with clear plastic blisters. Many collectors believe the problem will only be worse with plastic-free packaging. Hasbro’s decision maintains plastic blisters in retro and vintage lines, the same ones designed to resemble historical packaging, all while transitioning other lines to plastic-free boxes. 

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Not all collectors will be happy, but Hasbro is making what it feels is a balanced compromise for the planet's sake. In the end, a pile of action figures won’t be nearly as impressive atop a dead planet.

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