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Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Celebrates 100 Years

by Dieline Author on 01/04/2022 | 3 Minute Read

Cadbury has come a long way since opening its first factory in Australia in 1922…

In celebration of the brand’s 100th anniversary of making chocolate on Australian soil, we were tasked with honouring their rich heritage and cementing Cadbury Dairy Milk’s status as a national icon across a series of limited-edition packs, launching in February 2022.

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Staying true to John Cadbury’s vision of ‘inspiring a little more human generosity’, we knew we needed to reflect the brand’s commitment to their community and creating moments of happiness in Australians young and old. Working with a historian, we immersed ourselves in Cadbury’s history to get a better understanding of the deep connection Australians have to the brand, and from there, we landed on the design idea of ‘100 Years of Shared Moments’ – a way to show people the journey Cadbury has been on with them, and the memories they’ve made together.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

Across the century, from Cadbury’s factory opening until now, we shortlisted one unforgettable moment from each of the decades to bring to life, no matter how big or small. We translated this onto pack starting with our iconic colour palette, leveraging the distinctive Cadbury Purple, signature gold and white accents to drive consistency with the brand’s existing visual identity. Each of our Aussie moments were carefully crafted, flowing out naturally from the Glass and a Half logo to reflect Cadbury’s legacy of leaving a touch of goodness wherever it goes. We further cemented the brand’s status as part of the fabric of the nation through the iconic chunk, integrating it into each of the pack illustrations as a subtle discoverable detail.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

Along with the ten packs dedicated to the decades, an eleventh design rounds off the series to mark ‘100 Years of Shared Moments’. Closely linked to the current core Cadbury Dairy Milk design, we saw an opportunity to reinforce the brand’s quality credentials by focusing on the Cadbury chunk, featuring a larger, illustrated version with an inscription of the milestone to truly capture what this limited-edition series is all about.

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In celebrating Cadbury’s 100-year anniversary, we tapped into that sense of Aussie pride, not only in their country but also in the brand they have adopted as their own. Reminding everyone that Cadbury has been a part of the journey every step of the way for the past hundred years, and they’ll be there for many more to come.

  • Chief Creative Officer: Nick Rees
  • Executive Creative Director: Mark Armstrong
  • Creative Director: Jamie Gandee
  • Associate Creative Director: Cat Murphy
  • Design Director: Chris Cochrane
  • Design Director: Alex Melton
  • Associate Design Director: Christian Pandelides
  • Senior Designer: Ruby Grose
  • Senior Designer: Adam Chescoe
  • Senior Designer: Eric Liang
  • Midweight Designer: Connor McHugh
  • Midweight Designer: Catherine Kwa
  • Midweight Designer: Charlotte Sutherland
  • Midweight Designer: Lucinda Hulijer
  • Midweight Designer: Alice Wood
  • Midweight Designer: Nur Ain Izzathi Mohamed
  • Junior Designer: Sara Mancini
  • Strategy Director: Shirleen Low
  • Strategy Director: Michelle Hone
  • Junior Strategy: Nicola Davies
  • Client Director: Natasha Yovichich
  • Senior Client Director: Saniah Aljunied
  • Illustrator: Jason Liw
  • Visualiser: Harry Lim
  • Production Manager: Jesse Leigh-Moran
  • Senior Artworker: Yein Yee
  • Copywriter: Ed Chipperfield (@ Modern Copy)
  • Global Head of Brand: Grace Dawson
  • Brand Executive: Aoife Keany
  • Designed by: Bulletproof


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