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Featured image for Get a Taste of That Billionaire Lifestyle With the Axe and Magnum Collaboration

Get a Taste of That Billionaire Lifestyle With the Axe and Magnum Collaboration

by Chloe Gordon on 09/17/2021 | 1 Minute Read

Talk about a revolution. The creatively charged London-based brand design agency PB Creative brought Axe, the men's grooming brand, back to its roots earlier this year. Leaving behind slick, over-designed, rigid stereotypes, the brand has reinvigorated itself into one that's versatile, creative, confident, and authentic. 

Clearly, the PB Creative partnership worked for Axe as they recently partnered again to create a limited-edition collaboration with ice cream brand Magnum. This collaboration coincides with the launch of Magnum Gold Caramel Billionaire, so now you can smell luxe while eating lavishly too, because who said you have to be a billionaire to act like one? 

Editorial photograph

Axe and Magnum's shining partnership resulted in packaging that's gold in all the right places, with both brands equally shining through. For example, the front of the Axe bottle showcases a mysterious Magnum silhouette underneath gilded letters, some of which read Magnum's worthy tagline, "For your pleasure." 

Now, if we're honest, I never would have thought a men's grooming line could collaborate seamlessly with an ice cream brand, but through exceptional packaging and heaps of gold, Axe and Magnum have made it work. So maybe being a billionaire isn't so hard after all?

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