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Plant-Based Meal Kit Company Simple Feast Launches In the US

by Chloe Gordon on 04/14/2021 | 2 Minute Read

I'd argue that one of the hardest things about being an adult is deciding what to have for dinner each night. Growing up, I took for granted that my mom would have a predetermined meal each night, and if I didn't like it, well, tough luck. 

But now, as an adult who has to fend for myself, I struggle daily. Meal delivery services are a godsend, and Simple Feast is not only bringing consumers the convenience of plant-based meal shipments but delivering them in more sustainable packaging than what we've grown accustomed to with the likes of Blue Apron and Hello Fresh.

The company first launched its packaging in the Nordics and has recently landed in the US, and they've made a few tweaks as they move towards becoming a waste-free company.

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Simple Feast has signature insulation made up of frozen tap water that can be drunk safely once defrosted, and that will be coming to the US soon. Not only that, but the plastic-like packaging gets made up of PLA, a substrate made with the residual fibers from the production of corn, sugar, and potato products. While PLA does classify as biodegradable, it's critical to note that it takes specific conditions—a la an industrial composting facility—to degrade naturally due to humidity and temperature. You also can't throw it in with your plastic recycling bin because it can't get recycled in the same way. While it's not perfectly biodegradable, the cardboard trays can get recycled as cardboard up to nine times in the Danish waste system and are guaranteed 100% free of residual chemicals and other toxins.

The meals themselves get packaged in a cardboard-like material made from a wood fiber that is thoughtfully sourced to avoid extensive carbon emissions and is guaranteed 100% free of residual chemicals and toxins. 

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The packaging design of Simple Feast, however, is quite literally a simple feast for your eyes. Each meal comes labeled with an oversized number marking which of the three days its contents are meant for within your box. The color palette is neutral yet not bland with pops of salmon and washed-out chartreuse. It's elegant yet still approachable, essential for a plant-based meal delivery service. 

Simple Feast has accomplished the feat of providing a food delivery service that's both good for the environment and consumers by understanding that food is at the core of culture and can impact our health and our communities. The company is hyper-focused on consumer wellbeing and continuously proves it through its sustainability, sourcing of local ingredients, and donating meals to those in need that would otherwise go to waste, not to mention the whole thing about how a plant-based diet can mitigate the effects of climate change

This perception raises the standards for the entire food industry and, thankfully, helps adults meal plan even more flawlessly than their moms used to. 

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