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You Might Not Be Able To Eat Just One Chip, But You Should Really Pace Yourself With Lay's Vodka

by Rudy Sanchez on 12/16/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Lay’s is known for its strong snack game, especially when it comes to potato chips, which, turns out, is made from a special breed of tuber exclusive to the brand. That bespoke spud also serves as the base for the latest hype drop, a craft distilled potato vodka.

Teaming up with Portland-based Eastside Distilling, the four-times distilled vodka comes in packaging less potato chip bag and more craft spirit. Lay’s signature yellow is the base for the primary label, which is reminiscent of a potato chip. The red from Lay’s logo gets used as a secondary color, and the wordmark comes rendered in a sleek black instead of the customary white. Eastside branding is on the bottom of the bottle and neck label, and it gets capped with a black stop to complete the chic design.

Editorial photograph

Each bottle is housed in an octagonal black box using yellow for the logo and copy, surrounded by “POTATO VODKA” in red. The same mix of typography and excellent ABV and proof circular graphics are informational and elegant. Overall, the packaging design communicates craftsmanship and departs from Lay’s customary presentation.

Unlike Arby's recent craft potato vodka offerings, Lay’s vodka isn’t supposed to taste like their snack inspiration. The Lay’s and Eastside collab instead highlights the brand's proprietary potatoes for its chips.

According to a representative for Lay’s, the vodka sold out in a matter of hours, at $40 a bottle.

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