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Kombrewcha Redesign Sports a Minimal Yet Bold New Look

by Rudy Sanchez on 11/10/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Kombrewcha is a Brooklyn-based beverage brand that takes consumer interest in fermented drinks like kombucha and carbonated alcoholic beverages such as hard seltzers to create alcoholic kombuchas that are boozy and refreshing.

The hard kombucha brand recently debuted a brand refresh, away from a look that leaned more towards the kombucha, natural, branding. The new branding has more color, replacing the white background on all the labels for a unique pair of tones for each flavor. 

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Berry Hisbiscus is a rich blue with a flowery pink hue as the secondary color. Ginger Lemon combines yellow with green, Mango Pineapple is a tropical yellow and orange affair, and finally, Blood Orange is a citrusy red and yellow colorway. Similar graphics appear on the can to depict ingredients. Typography takes a bold departure from the previous redesign as well. Bold, heavy fonts replace the airy and light primary type used in the last design. USDA organic and the 4.4 ABV (Alcohol By Volume) are moved further across each other rather than stacked, making both features more prominently on the front of the can.

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Since Kombrewcha launched in 2017, both the kombucha and hard kombucha ready-to-drink categories have gained in popularity. Kombrewcha’s new look ensures its competitive stance and can be seen in retailers nationwide.

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