Holos Defines "Simplexity"

by Andrew Gibbs on 01/14/2021 | 2 Minute Read

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Holos believes the best of ourselves can be found in nature, and that each day is a commitment to making mindful choices, day by day, for a nourishing life. In this spirit, Holos is an overnight breakfast muesli that makes way for a new category: Mindful Nutrition. Thoughtfully composed of balanced, whole, plant-based, organic ingredients to sustain you for the long run. Knowing that like overnight oats, good things take time and patience. Holos came to Wedge to strategically dene this ethos and to evolve their visual identity and packaging design as the DTC brand makes the leap across North American retail. This optimistic human spirit meets considerate composition of ingredients, is the contrast and authentic insight that inspired our design team and brought the packaging design to life. 

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Warm hues connote the delicious avor inside, presented by the perfectly imperfect hand drawn brand symbol, reminiscent of a plant and the happy feeling you feel when you eat Holos. The minimal typography (GT Zirkon) takes a more scientic approach, speaking to the meticulously sourced and balanced ingredients.

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In its ‘simplexity’ (simplicity/complexity) Holos jumps out from traditional CPG, using cues that connect with an intelligent, active audience who seek healthful modern products beyond commercial, mass produced norm. Beyond what meets the eye, the pouch is 100% recyclable and sourced locally in Canada for a smaller footprint. 

  • Design Director: Justin Lortie
  • Creative Director: arah Di Domenico
  • Design Lead: Ariane Leblanc
  • Art Director: Ariane Leblanc
  • Graphic Designer: Philippe Dionne Bussières
  • Strategist: Lisa Hart
  • Project Manager: Shanel Lessard
  • Production Manager: Wedge
  • Designed by: Wedge


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