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Tohum Is All About Timeless, Luxury Connection

by Shawn Binder on 08/10/2020 | 2 Minute Read

Luxury for everyone! The design for Tohum see it's gold embossed letters weaving in and out of each other, bringing a sense of unity and continuity. It's a unique type play that pays off handsomely, allowing the name of the brand to be the hero of the design, while the minimalist approach to the rest of the design invokes a feeling of accessibility and luxury. The design pairs beautifully with the company's mission, but in a subtle and design-forward way by connecting all the letters. 

To define Tohum’s unique position in contemporary fashion, we created a complete experience that takes the brand forward as a natural luxury brand for everyone.

At the heart of Tohum is the timeless idea of connection – the desire to bring us closer to our origins and each other. Our new Tohum expression ‘To be Human’ captures this inspirational idea and takes it onto the world stage with an iconic identity that symbolizes unity and embodies humanity.

Working in harmony with the Tohum design philosophy, we created an intuitive brand experience that first connects with the elegant simplicity of Tohum and then opens up into an expressive world where its exciting story unfolds, and bold collections come alive.

Reflecting the originality of Tohum designs, our wordmark brings together a strong sense of form and fluidity to create a seamless connection and to take Tohum forward as a natural luxury brand for everyone.

The elegant lettering – through its graceful posture and intertwining nature – evokes a feeling of continuity whilst crafting a sense of space, air and light reflected in the choice of a natural white, charcoal and gold palette. The new circle and dot symbol takes inspiration from ancient cultures and primitive African art forms, carrying meaning and all the values of the brand by expressing connection, continuity and the circular nature of life.

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  • Founding Partner Group & Creative Director: Jonathan Ford, Pearlfisher
  • Founding Partner & Group Chairman: Mike Branson, Pearlfisher
  • Partner, Vision & Strategy: Yael Alaton, Pearlfisher
  • Strategic Creative Director: Jesper von Wieding, Pearlfisher
  • Managing Director: David Ramskov, Pearlfisher
  • Senior Designer: Louise Hvenegaard, Pearlfisher
  • Designer: Maja Langkilde, Pearlfisher


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