Featured image for Dos Equis Gives Away 'Seis-Foot Coolers' In The Name Of Social Distancing

Dos Equis Gives Away 'Seis-Foot Coolers' In The Name Of Social Distancing

by Bill McCool on 06/26/2020 | 2 Minute Read

Hey! How’s your summer going? Are you enjoying yourself?

Me neither!

As a second wave of Coronavirus sweeps the nation (also, lolz, we’re still very much in the first wave), and cases in the US hit a new one-day high, you might be thinking twice about leaving your house ever again. And we can’t say that we don’t blame you. 

But Dos Equis might have stumbled upon a creative way to ensure we stay 6-feet apart AND hang out with our friends and family. Today, the beloved beer brand announced a giveaway for the Seis-Foot Cooler, a branded 6-foot cooler ideal for sharing a beer with friends at a safe distance. The 15-pound cooler fits snugly between two lawn chairs and offers beer storage for each person at the end of the ice-cold barrier, perfect for your mask-hating and close-talking pal who doesn’t know the meaning of personal space and social distancing.

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To win the cooler, applicants need to purchase Dos Equis and upload the receipt to the website advertising the promotion. Entrants should act fast as only 45 lucky winners will walk away with a cooler that they’ll never be able to carry onto a beach by themselves.

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So while your summer outings might look vastly different this year, a 6-foot cooler will surely come in hand. Which is all to say, go outside with your pals and have a beer. Only consider doing it safely? And, as always, wear the damn mask, just maybe not when you’re drinking the beer.