Metsä Board and Esbottle Develop Recyclable Paperboard Flute Cup Concept

by Bill McCool on 06/15/2020 | 1 Minute Read

No one wants a plastic champagne flute. Like ever.

But, for some folks, a special occasion demands having an easily disposable glass for bubbly. That’s why premium paperboard group Metsä Board and the Finnish start-up Esbottle have joined forces to create a paperboard champagne flute concept. The cup kicks plastic to the curb, is lightweight, and easily recyclable. 

Additionally, the cups are painless to transport as the cup and base are two separate parts and can get stored inside one another. You can also personalize the cups with special effects or printing methods when Grandma’s birthday rolls around.

Editorial photograph

“Together with Esbottle, we are now testing the concept and researching material options, while exploring market interest and other potential uses. This innovative paperboard cup is an excellent example of how to combine the potential of paperboard with design and new technology in an ecological way,” said Metsä Board’s Packaging Services Director of EMEA & APAC Ilkka Harju in a press release.

Anywho, serving wine and champagne at your art gallery opening just got a little more sustainable.

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