Coca-Cola Japan Welcomes The Cherry Blossoms With Limited-Edition Sakura Bottles

by Rudy Sanchez on 01/28/2020 | 1 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

In Japan, many continue the centuries-old tradition of observing the cherry blossoms, or sakura, often with picnics under the trees. Since 2017, Coca-Cola has celebrated the arrival of the cherry blossoms with beautifully decorated bottles, continuing the tradition in 2020.

"The Coca-Cola system will launch a bold “Coca-Cola” slim bottle 2020 cherry blossom design from January 20 (Mon) for a limited time.

Editorial photograph

The Coca-Cola slim bottle is a 250-ml drinkable size, with a cold feel to an aluminum kinkin and a stylish package that inherits the contour bottle (glass bottle), a symbol of Coca-Cola. is. It features the high design of the entire bottle, and among them, the Coca-Cola slim bottle Sakura Design, which first appeared in February 2017, has been packaged with a gorgeous design of cherry blossoms. It is very popular every year.

Coca-Cola will continue to enjoy the unique taste of Coca-Cola in stylish bottles designed with seasonal flavors, sightseeing spots, and events that take advantage of the 'slim bottle' feature."

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