Ruin Every Meal With New Cheez Ball Cheez Powder

by Shawn Binder on 08/22/2019 | 2 Minute Read

If you’re not a fan of Cheez-Balls, first of all, are you okay? 

But, if you are, we’ve got some capital "N" news for you. Planters, most famous for their nuts and that insanely unnerving monocle-wearing mascot, are rolling out a Cheez Powder that will make everything taste like your favorite snack from the 90s. You can sprinkle it on your sandwiches, your fries, hell, put it on your salad if you’re feeling crazy - Go nuts! Pun absolutely intended. 

The packaging is very nostalgic, using the original bright blue and yellow that Planters is known for, utilizing a neon orange serif font, the same color your fingers turn when you eat too many Cheez Balls. As a nice touch, Planters included a yellow circle with the celebratory words “It’s back.” Slightly comforting, and disturbing! 

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Unfortunately, when life giveth, it taketh away, and not everyone will be able to experience the insanity that will be Cheez Powder; it's part of sweepstakes. To taste Nirvana, you’ll have to comment or tweet @MRPEANUT using the #CheezeBallContest hashtag, explaining what you’ll put this seasoning on.

The contest runs between Tuesday, August 20th, and Sunday, September 1st, giving you a little under two weeks to GET THAT CHEESE. According to the press release, 350 fanatics will receive the limited-edition shakers. 

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If you’re not down to take your chances with the contest, fear not! The NYC-based Cheez Ball pop-up is here. Mr. Peanut partnered with Made from Scratch food truck for a menu of Cheese Powdered food for you to chow down on. Some of the choice menu items include  Mac & Cheez, Powder Poppers, Gooey Gouda Grilled Cheese, and more.

New York City is one of the greatest cities in the world for a reason, but this definitely helped seal the deal. "After seeing fans’ excitement last year when Cheez Balls returned, we knew we had to find a way for Cheez Balls to stay," brand manager Samantha Hess said in a statement. "To celebrate Cheez Balls being back, we’re giving fans more of the iconic flavor they’re obsessed with so they can enjoy the cheesy flavor on any food.”

If Cheez Balls were a slasher flick, this would be the reboot no one asked for, but everyone is thrilled about. 

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