Nuda Esta Is A Minimalistic Skincare Brand Inspired By Real Moments

by Casha Doemland on 05/06/2019 | 2 Minute Read

Nuda Est is a Mexican skincare brand that prides itself in providing sustainable ingredients within their product offerings. We love the minimal approach to their branding and packaging.


"Nuda Est® is a Mexican skin care company inspired by real people with real moments. Nuda Est® seeks the best ingredients in the world in terms of safety and performance, using the maximum of organic and sustainable ingredients. One of its most important beliefs is that beauty should be honest and without complications.

We approached the project by thinking about simplicity and how it could guide the brand into a powerful, sophisticated and honest brand by understanding the Japanese Designer Kenya Hara. This approach let us understand concepts like whitespace and emptiness, concepts that helped us to abstract the complex human condition into simple product design."

"The packaging design isn't just functional and aesthetically beautiful, but a link between the user and the packaging, because of the physical characteristics such as the glaze that stimulates the user visually and tactilely. This project allowed us to understand the relationship between emptiness and color as a form of communication and identification, using packaging not only as a medium but also as the message."



Agency - mingo studio
Client - Nuda Est

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