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Highball Brings Sophistication To Booze-Free Cocktails

by Rudy Sanchez on 10/21/2019 | 2 Minute Read

It used to be that the sober option in a cocktail setting was limited to absurd beverage alternatives like a Shirley Temple. As the number of adults looking for the complexity and artistry found in a well-crafted alcohol-free mixed drink is growing, companies are exploring ways to replicate a sober version of the cocktail experience.

With the help of design and brand agency Path, The Original Free Drinks Company developed Highball, a ready-to-drink, alcohol-free line that stays true to the cocktail experience with authentic flavors. 

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The line of ready-to-drink mocktails recreates popular beverages such as gin and tonics, spritzers, mojitos, and cosmopolitans. The brand’s identity and visual language found influence in the art of mixology that expresses a genuine experience with no alcohol and half the calories.

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The logo plays on the Highball name, using abstract geometric shapes and line work to represent the tall glass and composition of classic mixed drinks. They've differentiated the beverages through color, with each flavor inspired by their ingredients. Gold is used across the range, communicating the classiness of cocktail culture while the clean, lean, and tall typography further denotes an adult sophistication.

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“Designing the UK’s first range of alcohol-free, ready-to-drink cocktails was an opportunity for us to create something relevant and iconic,” says Amy Rees, Design Director at Path. “The identity is fresh and unique enough to appeal to modern tastes, while also being refined and sophisticated enough to be credible as an adult beverage. Working on both these levels, the identity will help Highball pique the curiosity and favor of millennials and Gen Z.”

Highball will debut later this month in the UK.