Hellmann's Mayonnaise Gets a New Look That Celebrates its Roots

by Natalie Mouradian on 03/30/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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Design Bridge created the new branding and packaging for Hellmann's, a popular mayonnaise brand known for their New York deli roots. The new design is contemporary and more straightforward, creating a no fuss product that consumers can depend on.

"Mike Stride, creative director at Design Bridge commented, 'Our challenge was twofold: to broaden people’s perceptions of Hellmann’s as being so much more than just a mayonnaise brand, and to move Hellmann’s away from its existing bright, synthetic branding to a more natural aesthetic rooted in their belief in real food, made with real, simple ingredients.'”  

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"Mike Stride from Design Bridge continued, 'Our designs take people on a trip back to the first Hellmann's deli where products are made instead of manufactured. We’ve replaced the synthetic blue and yellow branding with neutral, natural ‘colours with soul’, along with textures inspired by a welcoming deli interior: wood, brown paper, ceramics. Our new, hand-drawn illustration style brings warmth and personality to the packaging, depicting the real, raw ingredients that go into the products, instead of using hyper-realistic photography. We’ve also created a new suite of typography and fonts based on original deli signage.'” 

"The backdrop of each label takes its cue from deli counter tickets and varies in colour depending on the product type, bringing consistency to the portfolio, while the blue-ribbon logo has been simplified with a one-colour treatment and the lids of the jars given a more muted, matt finish instead of gloss. Design Bridge’s brand language team have also brought the spirit of a neighbourhood deli to life through the copywriting and tone of voice on pack, which now feels as if it’s been written by your favourite deli worker: passionate about food and always smiling." 

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Designed By: Design Bridge

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