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Don't Let the Moon Fool You - This Espresso Will Wake You Up

by Natalie Mouradian on 02/21/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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Although you might typically associate consuming your coffee with the morning, this espresso collection packaging for Paradise. Gourmet-club™ will still get the job done. Inspired by the phases of the moon, each lunar illustration provides a unique way to convey the amount of boldness within each blend. The details within the silver foiling and the illustrations also provide a nice touch to this collection.

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"Each blend from this collection has distinct unique taste. Arabica has sweet soft taste with tones of sugar and fruit. Robusta has much harsher, stronger taste, and it contains almost twice more caffeine than arabica. The Arabica /Robusta ratio defines flavor characteristics of the blend."

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"The 'Moon phases' label system is designed to help the client to find their preferred blend in the product line. The Moon phases symbolize the particular espresso blend's 'darkness' level: the new moon is the 'darkest' one and the Bar blend has 80% of robusta and is created for those who like a harsh coffee taste. The Prima blend with its 80% of arabica is the 'lightest' one – for those who like soft coffee. The Classic and Aroma are in between those two as the Classic blend is milder than the Bar and the Aroma is a bit rougher than the Prima."

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Art Directors: Sergii Artemov, Gera Artemova Designer: Sergii Artemov Client: Paradise. Gourmet-club™Location: Ukraine