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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/14/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Ritual Chocolate is reviving the focus on quality of bean-to-bar artisan chocolate. By supporting the people who grow the raw ingredients, the environment, and all of its inhabitants, it’s a chocolate bar that tastes good and does good. A recent move from Colorado to Utah sparked a new beginning for Ritual Chocolate, and they tasked modern8 to help them develop a new brand identity and packaging.

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“Ritual Chocolate recognized a need for a new logo and package design that re-positioned their product to relate more authentically with their new Park City mountain home,” states Randall Smith, President of modern8.

“Anna Davies and Robbie Stout, the founders of Ritual Chocolate, have been building their business and brand for a few years and were finally able to see the project through to completion, with modern8’s help.”

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Ritual Chocolate’s new packaging is loyal to its new headquarters and also to the origin of each chocolate bar’s beans. Border design, illustrations, and text are created with delicate lines, speaking to the subtle differences that each coffee bean creates in the chocolate bars. The outer packaging opens in a unique way, making it a memorable experience that gets the consumers more acquainted with the origin and the process that Ritual follows.

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“We were really trying to find the best quality cacao we can and then work from there to produce really interestingly flavored chocolate where you can really taste the different flavor notes of the fruit,” Davies says of their process. “We really focused on single origin and showing people the different flavors you can get when you’re using really exceptional quality cacao.”

“The bars have ‘no added ingredients’ so each chocolate bar has ‘an authentic expression of the flavor unique to each origin.’”

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Designed by modern8

Country: United States

City: Salt Lake City, UT

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