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Drexel University Online Accepted Students Kit

by Jenifer Tracy on 07/22/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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In the age of online learning, colleges across the country have a growing student population that never actually steps foot onto the brick and mortar campus they are studying from. Taking this into consideration, Drexel University’s online programs wanted to foster a sense of Drexel school spirit and instill a sense of community to the online learners by sending out an engaging Welcome Kit to all new students. Something that told the Drexel story with a human touch and included interactivity. “Drexel has built a robust online learning community, yet at times it can be difficult to visualize those interactions and relationships that exist only online.”

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The Drexel in house design thought through several concepts for this project, but settled on the idea of using the university mascot, Mario the Magnificent Dragon, as the theme for the entire project. Every dragon has an epic journey it is on in its life, and so do these students.The Welcome Kits arrived by mail with the oversized words “Your Journey Starts Here” in a bold, condensed font placed front & center. Running around the perimeter of the boxes are dragon scales (illustrated, not real) with a large yellow sticker featuring the university's logo with Mario the Magnificent placed prominently. 

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Upon opening the welcome kit, you can see immediately it’s a gift from Drexel University from the mixture of blue and yellow collegiate colored items inside. Sitting on top is a personalized letter from the University’s Dean to welcome the students, followed by a student Field Guide and an assortment of candies, stickers and pencils – swag we all love. “The welcome kit was positioned as a field guide that would help students through their transition into becoming an actual dragon as they embark on a journey to further their education.”

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The Field Guide is a notebook with a bright yellow cover, which provides tips and resources for studying online. The Field Guide was printed as a 2-color job and is full of cute illustrations to help lighten the subject matter. And, while this guide is basically a “Welcome” manifesto, the messaging is pretty playful, bringing some human personality into the print piece. The goal for Drexel University’s Welcome Kit was to create an engaging package that would foster Drexel pride and enforce the human element of online learning, and that goal was met. In the end, who doesn’t enjoy receiving candy and festivities and tales of dragons, rather than the usual phone bill? “We accomplished our goal with a thoughtful physical package that evoked a sense of school spirit and excitement.”

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Designer: Anne Toal 

Art Direction: Patrick Hennessy 

Copywriting: Steve Whisler 

Printing / Fulfillment: PFM Group

Designed by Drexel University 

Country: United States