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Packaging & Dielines 2: A Free Resource

by Dieline Author on 10/28/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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Last year, Design Packaging + The Dieline released our first Packaging & Dielines book, providing the design community with a versatile inspirational reference ebook that was free to download and use. The book has become a point of reference for design professionals and universities around the world, boasting over 300,000 reads to date and landing 6th on The Dieline’s Top 100 posts of 2014. Today we are releasing the second book! Packaging & Dielines 2: The Designer’s Book of Packaging Dielines has more structural packaging dielines than the first book. Chapters include all-new vector dielines for shopping bags, folding boxes, rigid boxes and gift card carriers. The online publication also features works from international award-winning contributors Mat Bogust, owner of Think Packaging who brought you Rest in Pets and Bolu Tea, as well as Andrew Zo who made international buzz with his Clifton Engagement Ring Case. We are excited to partner with Design Packaging to bring this must-have resource to the design community. Each vector dieline comes with photos, a brief description, and basic design guidelines to illustrate the structure. Grab your blades, rulers, and whatever other tools you use – it’s time to amp up your packaging game and turn standard six-sided packaging structures into something experiential and share-worthy.

 Packaging & Dielines 2: A Free Resource Download Here  Download Instructions:1. Click on Share, or the share icon.2. Click on download.3. Open the PDF in Illustrator to desired page. Submit your packaging dieline for the third book set to release mid-2016 at: hello@designpackaginginc.com