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William Street Beer Co.

by Dieline Author on 06/23/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Influenced by heritage, but wanting to stay away from looking "stuffy", Luke Despatie &The Design Firm created a label design for this newest craft beer, William Street Beer Co. A beautiful label and package design that is colorful and includes charismatic illustrations of seagulls and fish in knit sweaters. The beautiful details are throughout the design but my favorite is the nautical rope around the neck of the bottle.

"William Street Beer Co. is Ontario's newest craft brewery located in the idyllic port-side town of Cobourg. William Street wanted to acknowledge Cobourg's marine heritage without appearing too stuffy, so we created a series of whimsical maritime characters that reflect the eccentric spirit of the townsfolk. The hangtags attached by reef-knotted nautical rope complete the look."
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Illustration / Design: Luke Despatie City: Port HopeCountry: Canada