The Dieline Awards 2014 Winners

by Diane Lindquist on 05/16/2014 | 25 Minute Read

The Winners of The Dieline Awards 2014 were announced last night at HOW Design Live, the largest annual gathering of creative professionals, anywhere.

For the 5th year, The Dieline is proud and honored to be able to give the art of consumer package design the platform and the recognition it truly deserves. The Dieline Awards 2014 Winners truly represent the the peak of package design, the most creative work designed over the past year from all across the globe.

In front of an audience of over 1000 creatives, 42 winners across 13 different categories were awarded a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place Award. 


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"Our client asked for an aura of exclusivity which should nevertheless be rooted in elegance and measured values. We had to convey radical simplicity and hint at a different modus vivendi. We had to address a wide range of products including olive oil, flour, pasta, herb infusions, fleur de sel, etc. Many of them are based on the Triticum Dicoccum variety of wheat seeds, one of the earliest domesticated, dual core crops, in the ancient world. We opted for a design which would convey the dual nature of these valuable seeds as well the harmony and balance, the mathematical perfection of the spindle shape , which these seeds recall. We also decided to do so through a strong visual statement regarding space and matter. Using Lucio Fontana's famous Tagli (slash) pieces as additional inspiration, we designed simple white surfaces - packages which are distinguished by the illusion of a cut, a twofold spindle like incision on paper. Blurring the distinction between two and three dimensionality, this is also a simple but decisive design gesture that alludes to a space-system and calm connoisseurship."

The highest scoring project, Harmonian, designed by Greece based design firm Mousegraphics, received a one-of-a-kind "Best of Show" award, and presented a case study.

Marc Jacobs Cosmetics


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Marc Jacobs and Sephora asked Established to create a line of shiny, beautiful products that every woman would want to hold in her hand and not put down. Something that was "just lovely."

The result is a line of beautiful, fluid shapes in a high shine inky black lacquer finish. The sensual, complex curves of the products and unexpected proportions result in a collection that is both simple and timeless yet thoroughly modern. Every detail was meticulously considered from the ultra thin frame-around mirrors to the layout of the makeup or an oversized button.

The "Editor's Choice" award, handpicked by Andrew Gibbs, Founder of The Dieline, was awarded to Marc Jacobs Cosmetics, designed by New York based Established.

ERA and UP24 

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ERA by Jawbone is a beautiful, lightweight headset that delivers excellent sound and wearability and can serve as a powerful extension of your smartphone. ERA and its packaging were designed in collaboration by fuseproject and Jawbone.

UP24 by Jawbone is a wearable device that helps you understand how you sleep, move and eat so you can make smarter choices, everyday. UP24 and its packaging were designed in collaboration by fuseproject and Jawbone.

The Sustainable Packaging Award, created to highlight innovative contributions to the field of sustainable package design was awarded to two projects created by Fuseproject and Jawbone: Jawbone Era and Jawbone UP24.

The Dieline Awards 2014 entrants were judged by a highly esteemed panel of 14 industry experts. Debbie Millman, President of Design at Sterling Brands, served as the chairwoman of the judges.


The Dieline Awards are judged on 3 main criteria, Creativity, Marketability, and Innovation. 

  • On Creativity: We asked the judges to determine how creative, unique, and original each package is. Is it truly special? Does it shake up the category?
  • On Marketability: We asked the judges how marketable is this package? Do you think it will perform on shelf? Has the package demonstrated an increase in sales? 
  • Innovation: How innovative is this package? Does it have that extra special factor that sets it a part from everything else on the market? Does it push the boundaries of package design?


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SID LEE's approach to developing Blue Goose’s identity and packaging was to connect the products’ properties with tangible health benefits in a visual way, embedding its brand story into all design elements. They chose a simple solution that would connect craftsmanship and humane production to the notion of a healthy, quality product.



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Farmlove is a line of chemical free produce specialising in seasonal local & exotic chemical-free vegetables, herbs and fruits. The produce is brought to you within 24 hours of harvest, affordably priced, pre-washed, and is available in Delhi & Gurgaon.



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"The customer has asked us to design a package for his fresh baked pies. The main concern was to have a design that easy to assemble by the workers at the shop, easy to use by the consumer, grease resistance and uses material that is recyclable and made from recycled material. 

As a designer I chose the 1-2-3 bottom to make sure it is easy to assemble and easy for the consumer to recycle after eating the pie. I also wanted to incorporate a folding feature which will add protection during holding the hot pie by the consumer. For printing, we went with vegetable based ink to ensure much easier to de-ink when recycling and results in much less hazardous waste."


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EXTREM, a new Brand of Iberian, acorn-fed ham has been launched by Agriculturas Diversas, a Spanish company with a long tradition in the premium ham sector. 

EXTREM required prestigious new packaging for their top product that could be bought as a special gift as the brand positions itself in gourmet shops around the world. The packaging needed to transmit the product’s extremely high quality to put it on par with other delicacies at the high end of the gourmet world, such as caviar and foie. 



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Kallo make delicious, natural, healthy alternatives to things like cakes, biscuits, bread and even stock cubes. They just had one problem – their packaging was rather cold, lacked any emotion whatsoever and didn’t reflect their true identity.



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Fudges asked us to rebrand their business at the end of 2012. A Dorset-based family bakery for almost 100 years, their biscuits and nibbles had a loyal following. However, the market had grown hugely since they started out, and there was an awful lot of competition from supermarket own brands. The family Fudge – Sue, Steve and Graham – felt their boxes were no longer standing out on shelf. They were also concerned that consumers found the name ‘Fudges’ confusing – assuming Fudges were makers of fudge, rather than bakers of biscuits.

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A true brand should have its own soul in addition to personal identity. Myllyn Paras flour is not a product intended for mass consumer, it's the most expensive and quality flour in the Russian market. The flour is made of eco friendly raw materials according to a traditional technology, since 1928. The objective was not only to present the product natural origin in a non-standard way, but also to create an emotional tie for consumers.



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"We were tasked to create a new addition to the Lurpak range – Slow Churned Butter. Typically seen as the perfect partner to good food, the opportunity was to build on Lurpak’s brand credentials and create a new brand that communicates the authenticity, taste and premium quality of the product in a modern way without risking it becoming niche.

The design celebrates heritage & brings to life an ‘everyday premium’ food experience - taking butter out of the fridge & putting it at the centre of the table."



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Claramunt is a unique oil,(author's oil) his resulting always depend of the annual environmental conditions The Claramunt's team will make every year olive oil Extra virgin is the highest quality and unique.


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Young farmers grown up on an egg farm east of Oslo in Norway decided to start an ice cream adventure. With eggs from their own hens, milk from the neighbour farm and flavours from local ingredients. 



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"The client changed Allsorts product’s recipe because of feedback from customers. They wanted to redesign the package to highlight the new, more tasty selection of English Licorice.

The Allsorts liquorice itself carries so much visual potential that we decided to take advantage of that. We ended up visualising different variants with bright colours on deep black cardboard package. We used all four main package surfaces variating them with combinations of the liquorice shapes and colours. The shelf presentation has more visual impact when all four package surfaces are displayed."



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"Artisans at Chocolats Favoris create delicious chocolate. Needed boxes for Easter."

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“Ridna Marka (Native Brand) is a new Ukrainian juice line consisting of four basic flavors: clear apple, orange, tomato and cloudy apple. The inspiration for design, as well as the brand name, has been taking from Soviet style of 60s and 70s. The idea was not just to recreate romantic 'look and feel' of grocery in USSR and evoke childhood nostalgia for the older generation. Design should attract young people who know about that time only from the stories of their parents. It is a fact that the childhood memories are always the best. In this case we believe that retro products are perceived as guaranteed quality and particularly tasty."



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"In the 1940s, Cuba was the world’s biggest exporter of coffee, shipping 20,000 tonnes of beans every year. But then came the Revolution and with it a sure and steady decline in production. By 2012, Cuban coffee, once the world’s favourite, was on its knees, and it looked like nothing could save it.

Well, that was before Phillip Oppenheim – a former MP and card-carrying Cubaphile – got together with some old pals to restore Cuban coffee to its rightful place. He asked us to help with the branding, but we were so impressed, we ended up investing in the business and becoming partners, too.

We came up with the name Alma de Cuba (soul of Cuba) and channelled the spirit of Cuban folk art (via our resident Latin American illustration genius) to create an evocative design scheme which, hopefully, has just as much soul as the coffee itself."



Sweety Branding Studio

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"Orange, lemon or grape? What is your choose? These funny collectible juice packaging were developed with all our affection for children, 'les petits.' With tetra pack packaging that retain more natural juices, all packages have been designed in a sustainable use, with papers and returnable bottles."



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"The client, Brebajes del Norte, created the first artisanal beer from Burgos (Spain), and named it Dolina in honor of the Great Dolina, the archeological site better known as the Sierra de Atapuerca. This product from Burgos is closely tied to the region and one it´s most popular attractions – Atapuera, which is one of Europe´s foremost archeological sites. From the get go, it was clear to us that this site would be the leitmotif for our work. Thus we decided to develop a concept around the ideas of searching, uncovering, discovery.  And so we stumbled upon this notably experiential design in which the consumer has the opportunity to investigate, scratch and uncover his or her own discovery. By scratching the label one will uncover the skull of Homo Heidelberguensis, whom his discoverers´ refer to as Miguelón. And by scratching the back label another discovery is revealed: the most complete and intact fossilized skull in the world, whose discovery in Atapuerca revolutionized the scientific community. During the design process, we were attracted to the idea of the beer drinker intuitively scratching off the label, like the actual work of archeologists who search without knowing if they will find anything."



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"A collaborative project with Matt W Moore. The Club Bottle features a design world first, containing two UV colours that ‘light up the night’ when exposed to black light. This is the first time two UV colours have been featured on mass-produced packaging, to create the stunning visual effect. In normal light, the bottle maintains a superior appearance with multi-faceted silver tones and a distinctive design. The black light reveals the striking UV origami-like pattern that captivates party goers."



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"Five West Coast craft brewers teamed up to create a collaboration beer that required a packaging solution that not only celebrated craft and teamwork – but also saluted the craft beer drinkers bold enough to give it a try. Spruce Tip Stout, made with real Spruce tips, was brewed to celebrate BC Craft Beer Month by R&B Brewing, Brassneck Brewery, Red Truck Brewing, Main Street Brewing, and 33 Acres Brewing – all British Columbian breweries that call the Brewery Creek District of Vancouver home. St. Bernadine embraced the challenge by creating a removable embroidered badge for the primary label. Evoking the spirit of collaboration and West Coast camaraderie, the removable patch delivers the ultimate in “badge marketing,” letting craft beer lovers earn their craft badge and letting them peel off the collectible memento of BC Craft Month."


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"Paperboy is about as green as it’s possible to make a wine bottle. It’s made out of a compressed recycled paper, printed with natural inks and the inside contains a recyclable sleeve as you find in a box of wine. The bottles are rigid and strong – are even icebucket safe for three hours – and take only 15% of the energy that regular bottles take to produce. They weigh only an ounce when empty so save a huge amount of energy on shipping."



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"The challenge: how to overcome the negative image of wine sold in pouches or as a “bag in a box”, which is often synonymous with poor quality?

This was the question confronted by the creative agency REVERSE Innovation and winemakers GIGANTE: to develop a structural pack that appeals to a demanding but conventional audience. 

The result is a truly innovative design that cleverly and elegantly reinterprets the classic “Bordeaux” bottle by means of an intriguing play of solid areas and empty spaces, emphasized by the contrasting opaque and gloss surfaces of the materials used."



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"R'Pure Studio invented the « Fashionably Clicquot » theme for which designers created this very special packaging on a pop, fashion and joyful tone. In one « pop » snap, the packaging becomes an ice bucket that adorns like a lovely dress the iconic bottle of the brand.

Besides, the packaging is functional and reusable.

After the « Suits me » campaigne, R'Pure Studio gives once more with feeling its innovative and smart approach to renew the packaging universe and definitely set Clicquot on the cutting edge of creativity and elegance."


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"The world's best coffee liqueur needed some world-class design to make sure MR BLACK Cold Drip Coffee Liqueur looks as good as it tastes.

The black-on-black graphics allows MR BLACK to keep a clean presence on shelf but allow the artwork to reveal with each sip. Every drink revealing more and more of the piece."


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"The Absolut Company states that this is the most dramatic change ever made, and our biggest and most transformative design project ever. The goal was to give the Absolut customers distinctive designs that are unlike anything anyone has ever seen. Vibrant, captivating bottles that bring energy to any occasion and celebrate the fact that every flavour in the Absolut Vodka range is something extraordinary. The category thinking says that a fruit-flavoured vodka requires a picture of the fruit on the bottle. We wanted to break that convention. Instead we reached into the symbolism and myths tied to the ingredients to find each flavour’s core essence — and then amplified that essence through art. After interpreting each flavour’s core essence, the designers worked to bring these notions alive artistically. We brought a ‘by-hand’ aesthetic to the project by stepping away from our computers, picking up paper, pens and brushes, and setting out to communicate, not a flavour per se, but the energy behind each flavor."



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"By day, Coven Vodka is a simple, elegant package. It sits comfortably within its competitive set, communicating craft and quality.

But darkness changes everything.

Whet the lights go down, the ritual begins. The glow-in-the-dark overprint on the front label emerges to show a gathers of witches - some creep, some seductive… all of them dark and foreboding."

By day, Coven Vodka is a simple, elegant package. It sits comfortably within its competitive set, communicating craft and quality."

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"Create a range of Christmas gift boxes that break with convention. They should reflect the heritage and eccentric personality of the Penhaligon’s brand and have a lifetime long beyond the initial purchase."



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"Lily Lolo is a brand of natural mineral cosmetics launched in 2005 by founder Vikki Khan. The brand is sold online (Lily Lolo website, affiliate sales, Amazon), wholesale distribution (250+ independent UK stockists which are mainly salons) and via International Distributors (in Japan, Sweden, Poland, Denmark, USA, Slovenia).

The brand has achieved a cult following due to its expertly formulated range of high-performance, natural, mineral make-up essentials. The products are not tested on animals. They are free from chemicals, dyes and fillers and work with the skin’s natural tones, so customers achieve a natural looking flawless finish every time.

However an identity overhaul was needed in response to customers’ expectations of a more exclusive and luxurious look and feel for the brand. The brand overhaul needed to embrace all aspects of the brand’s visual identity from packaging to print and digital off–pack communications."



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"Combine advanced technologies like encapsulating fragrances with an aesthetics inspired from craftsmanship and interior design - this was the original vision that came up with the design of this innovative object, an all-new approach in the home scent category. 

The electric diffuser of diptyque is mobile and works with cartridges available in the 5 iconic scents of the fragrance house. 

The object is made of a ceramic piece covering partially the metallic lace which hides the technical mechanism. A renewal of high-tech aesthetics aiming to let the sensory and emotive appeal remain the core drivers of diptyque."



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"For the most part, nobody likes to clean. It’s just not very fun. But we all love to have good-looking devices. Together with Danish company AM, we created a fun new way to clean with screen cleaning sprays, wipes, cloths and pumps that get all your gadgets looking good. Much of bacteria and dirt is invisible to the eye. But the facts about the schmutz on our screens is quite grim. So we developed an all-in-one solution to clean our technology products and get rid of bacteria that lives on them.

We developed a friendly design language for a very unfriendly product category, bringing AM products to life on shelf with a bold and simple packaging system."



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"We focused on the idea of construction and used Tetris game as our reference platform. The highly successful tile - matching puzzle video game, was launched in the 80's and is based on the random sequence of Tetriminos (color shapes composed of four square blocks each) which fall down the playing field - the 'well' or 'matrix' - to form specific structures. If it is true that play is at the base of every creative activity and if we all share building-with-cubes childhood memories, we designed the BAU packaging as a fun way to bring the "matrix" to adult realities."



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"ERA by Jawbone is a beautiful, lightweight headset that delivers excellent sound and wearability and can serve as a powerful extension of your smartphone. ERA and its packaging were designed in collaboration by fuseproject and Jawbone.

This year, the packaging for ERA has been completely redesigned, and re-envisions Jawbone’s iconic “museum box”-metaphor in resource-conserving materials. The new design uses simple recycled materials and less PET. The result is an elegant showcase for the product with a much lower carbon footprint than other solutions in the market. ERA’s new packaging is simple, weighs less and is scalable across Jawbone’s portfolio of products."



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"After the success of last year’s playing cards we thought we’d branch out a little more and announce the imminent arrival of our babies – the Stranger spirits range – with a box set of Egyptian cotton brand shirts. For stylish bacchanalians everywhere."



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"UP24 by Jawbone is a wearable device that helps you understand how you sleep, move and eat so you can make smarter choices, everyday. UP24 and its packaging were designed in collaboration by fuseproject and Jawbone.

This year, the packaging for UP has been completely redesigned, and re-envisions Jawbone’s iconic “museum box metaphor” in resource-conserving materials.  The new design uses simple recycled materials and less PET. The result is an elegant showcase for the product with a much lower carbon footprint than other solutions in the market. UP24’s new packaging is simple, weighs less and is scalable across Jawbone’s portfolio of products."



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"Horse has created the name, identity and packaging for a new brand offering an eclectic range of food and homeware. Each product was commissioned by a specialist artisan so it was important that the brand told a story of quality, craftsmanship and collaboration.

The brand name, Makers & Merchants, reflects the approach to product creation, while the strict colour palette and bold graphic style ensures a sense of family, but allowing the freedom to playfully reflect the personality of both the product and artisan behind it."



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"Branding and packaging design for a family of premium Greek food products, containing a series of marmalades, spreads, olive oil, escargot, as well as tsikoudia, a traditional Greek, strong spirit.

We created a pattern of illustration and typography that was applied on each product, creating a consistent but flexible, strong and playful brand identity."



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"Tesco finest* is the one of the largest brand in the UK. The brand had not had a major re-designed since its launch in 1998.

The target audience of Tesco finest* are both those interested in the finer, best quality foods and those more traditional customers who are looking for an improvement on their daily choices for a special occasion or treat. 

Research however suggested that consumers generally did not believe the quality behind a big supermarket’s own brand offer to be as good as it is - whether or not a part of the premium tier."


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"Providing a pleasant experience for consumers is one of the most important factors for packaging design. And since consumers have pre-experience with the product, packaging design should provide direct associations of product’s features through packaging in the market places to extend and enhance the user experiences."



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"Northernmost is the result of an 8 week visual research project at Westerdals School of Communication, Oslo Norway. Fall of 2013

The bottle and its neck is a reference to the mountainous landscape of Norway's north west coast, where you see mountains rising up behind one another. The actual design on the label is a scandinavian minimalism counterpart to a category which in large is very saturated in terms of ornamentation.

The intention of this project was to gain a deeper insight to cognac, both in terms of the product itself and designing for the category. In regards to the actual design process, the main idea was to break down the visual language of the category and explore ways to break with the established paradigm of cognac brand design."



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"Smart Spaghetti Package is an innovative and anti-waste package design that is manufactured with exactly same way and cost as a conventional spaghetti package, yet has a special opening style that enables one portion of spaghetti to come out every time it is turned upside down. This package discourages food waste, since it helps users to easily measure their spaghetti and cook as much as they need, without leaving any leftovers in the pot. There is no need for a spaghetti measurer to occupy a place in your kitchen anymore, because this package perfectly fulfills the job of those gadgets."

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