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Neat Confections

by Dieline Author on 11/12/2014 | 3 Minute Read

Anagrama has created a branding and package design for Neat Confections.With perfection being the main objective in Neat Confections branding, Anagrama took that concept and created a packaging that reflected the pureness of what the pastry shop offers, a cake and cookie that is baked and prepared to perfection. The silver chrome packaging paired with neon pastel touches truly stands out and creates a unique design that evokes a feeling of purity when purchasing these delicious pastries!

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"Neat Confections is a Mexican pastry shop that offers special confections that go perfectly with a good Rosé wine or a nice cup of tea. Their handmade cookies and pastries are made with varied organic spices and fruity scents that complement any light wines' flavor. Each and every cake and cookie is baked and prepared in the most impeccable and flawless way possible, with no added decorations, in order to place the savory experience on center stage. "

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"The silver chrome surfaces in every piece allow the confections to stand out. The slight touch of neon pastel color on the labels add warmth and functionality. Our branding proposal not only upraises the confections and the brand's innovative idea of pairing them with wine, but it also provides a feeling that the pastries themselves are a tribute to taste, just as the tagline remarks. "

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by: Anagrama 

Country: Mexico