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The 3M Volume-Down Ear Plugs

by Dieline Author on 11/04/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Scholz & Friends Berlin GmbH developed this creative 3M packaging for ear plugs. Their task was to develop a solution that conveyed 3M's Solar earplugs, a product that cancels noise for people who are frequently around loud sounds, like musicians. What is so clever about this design is the cap showcasing the volume turn and how the bottle can be read upright and down when living on a shelf. A simple and effective design!

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"3M turned the purpose of the earplugs – to reduce noise – into an original package design. The container's cap looks like the volume knob of a hi-fi system; when opening it to reach the earplugs, one seems to be turning down the volume."

Editorial photograph

Creative Agency: Scholz & Friends Berlin GmbH Creative Directors: Martin Pross, Matthias Spaetgens, Robert Krause, Wolf Schneider Concept: Nils Tscharnke, Sebastian Frese Art Directors: Sebastian Frese, Ralf Schroeder Copywriter: Nils Tscharnke Photographer: Markus Mueller Account Manager: Josef Hoehnow Agency Producer: Benito Schumacher