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Brightwood approached Ennis Perry Creative to create a packaging design for their new range of spa products.

Brightwood is an Australian lifestyle and well-being brand with an extensive range of products inspired by the beauty of nature. When the brand decided to expand their company to include a spa line, Ennis Perry Creative needed to create packaging that would seamlessly integrate this new line with Brightwood's existing products. Other requirements for the packaging included the ability to be "flat packed and hold a range of products of various sizes and forms, along with the ability to be displayed in various formats such as hang sell and shelf display."

With these criteria in mind, Ennis Perry Creative developed two main packaging solutions.

The studio designed, tested and developed two main packaging solutions that provided the required housing and protection of products. The design also provided the ability to see and feel the product without a compromise on security. The packaging solution flat packs for easy shipping and construction. With simple construction methods and limited colour palette that packaging design is an innovative cost effective solution.

Inspiration for the project was from the “European Spa Experience” and the Mediterranean heritage of the Brightwood brand. The studio also developed fig leaf illustrations and kept the colour palette mute. The packaging is understatedly beautiful. It was even a 2013 Melbourne Design Awards winner.



Designed by Ennis Perry Creative, Melbourne

Structural Design, & Production Management: Anne Mason Illustration & Design: Haydn Deane

 Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph  Editorial photograph  Editorial photograph


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