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The Dieline Awards 2012 Winners

by Gina Angie on 06/25/2012 | 27 Minute Read

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The Dieline presents the winners of The Dieline Package Design Awards presented by Inwork. This worldwide competition devoted exclusively to the art of brand packaging awarded 38 winners across 12 different categories including Best of Show and Editor's Choice titles. The Editor's Choice was handpicked by Andrew Gibbs, founder of The Dieline.

The Dieline Package Design Awards entrants were judged by a highly esteemed panel of 10 industry experts, based on quality of Creativity, Marketability, and Innovation. Debbie Millman, President Emeritus of AIGA and President of Design at Sterling Brands, served as the chairman of the judges.

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Best In Show: Alternative Organic Wine

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Entrant: The Creative Method

Country: Australia

"The market for surprising, dramatic and even shocking wine bottle design seems to have no limit. Doing something truly new is now a serious challenge, but the Alternative Organic series rises to the challenge. The line includes labels that feature raw twine, and vine leaves. This particular label featuring laser cut balsa wood – just demands to be grabbed and marveled at, and just possibly to be quaffed!"

-Marcus Hewitt

Description: The brief was to name and create a premium organic package for a limited edition of top end organic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc Wine. It needed to look and feel natural but original and act as a talking point for consumers.

Alternative was chosen as it reflects a new way of looking at organic packaging. The concept simply shows a vine from the leaves, to the bark to the wine. Every aspect of the packaging was organic, this includes the lazer cut balsa wood, the string and wax that is used to afix the label to the bottle, the outer paper wrapping and even the inks used to print the image.

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Editor's Choice: Spirit No. 13

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Entrant: Stranger & Stranger

Country: USA

"Love that that if feels so crafted and handmade while premium and gifty at the same time. You can tell how much design work and finesse went into each piece of type and illustration. Lovely as a christmas gift from a studio indeed."

- Renee Whitworth

Description: Every year we create a limited edition product to mark Christmas and celebrate success with the people who support us to make it happen. After last year’s Absinthe, we went a bit ‘moonshine’ but more 'snake oil' and lo-fi (we think). Enormous fun was had writing all the ads for the bag as well as about 500 words on the bottle alone. Our favorites are 'for reliable fire lighting and sterilising of wounds'.  

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Food A

First Place Winner: Plum Organics - Just Fruits

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Entrant: Nest Collective

Country: USA

"Plum Organics is both telegraphically and beautifully designed, without compromising on the practicalities of navigation."

- Christine Mau

Description: Packaging redesign of the Plum Organics' Just Fruit line to draw more attention to the delicious fruit inside and to make the flavors of the different pouches more clear.

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Second Place Winner: The Food Doctor

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Entrant: Pearlfisher

Country: UK

Description: Pearlfisher has created a new brand identity - and redesigned the packaging across the entire range - for the UK’s leading nutrition consultancy The Food Doctor.

Co-founded in 1999 by Ian Marber, a leading nutritionist and acknowledged expert in his field, The Food Doctor is a unique concept that provides sensible advice for achieving a healthier plan for life. From the start it established itself as a visible brand in the field of healthier eating with a range of food products from seed mixes to ready meals.The new identity needed to embrace the ‘Eat better forever’ strapline and move the brand focus from a functional product to more of a lifestyle proposition.

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Third Place Winner: Eco & Sustainable Thai Pomelo Package

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Entrant: Yod Corporation Co.,Ltd

Country: Thailand

Description: From world’s worst aquatic plant to unique designed package promoting Thai agricultural products.

This package is designed for a famous Thai pomelo of Chainat province, made of water hyacinth. This environmentally friendly package can draw consumers in, uplift high quality Thai fruits to premium or gift markets, and decompose easily within 3 months by burying it.

Pomelo’s packaging design is inspired by The King of Thailand’s philosophy of sufficiency economy highlights sustainability and self-reliance. Therefore the main material used in package’s structure is made of a local plant found in an area of product’s origin. Together with the knowledge of local people who excel in handicraft without relying on manufacture and more environmentally friendly than a plastic net.

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Food B

First Place Winner:  Five Olive Oil

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Entrant: Designers United

Country: Greece

"A refreshing design for the category, stunning typography combined with beautiful simplicity create an exceptional product."

-Andrew Gibbs

Description: Brand identity and packaging design for a new premium quality series of Greek extra virgin olive oil. 5 stands for quintessence in olive oil. 5 olive oil is distributed by World Excellent Products®, a company driven by passion for excellence in gastronomy. It is a newly established company, created by the ambition to build on the same core pillars of their own philosophy: innovation, respect to history and tradition and exclusive know-how on production and supply of unique products.

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Second Place Winner: Hortus Honey

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Entrant: PH Ontwerp

Country: Netherlands

Description: The Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam is one of the few botanic gardens with it’s own bees. The bees produce their honey with the nectar of a unique collection of flowers, resulting in a very refined taste and unique texture. Only 200 pots of the Hortus Honey are produced per year. When purchasing this honey, visitors support the Hortus in protecting and maintaining the garden and greenhouses.

The concept of the drop of honey was chosen to reflect it’s pure essence. Communicating it as a precious product. Every single drop is valuable. The ball shaped bottle, once filled, is also very close in appearance to a honey drop. When placed In the inner box, the lid become invisible, for this reason the jar-ness (as a piece of packaging) is virtually disappearing. The idea of a drop of honey takes it over. The drop shaped die-cut is on both sides of the box, so the light can go through the jar.Consumers can see the exact colour and texture of the product.The inner pack is also needed to avoid the belly of the jar sticking out. ( easy transportable ). Also, a gift wrapping paper should be easily applicable = square outer box shape.

The price of the product is high.The packaging should reflect the price paid

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Third Place Winner: Pfeffersack & Soehne

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Entrant: Pfeffersack & Soehne

Country: Germany

Description: Pfeffersack & Soehne provides premium, mostly organic spices with a reference to the past.

The design combines handmade, embossed pottery with a decent visual language, humorous reminiscing the former hanseatic spice traders mocked 'Pfeffersaecke'.

Every can is unique due to the manufacturing process like every other part of the packaging.

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Food C

First Place Winner: Hatziyannakis Dragees

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Entrant: Mousegraphics

Country: Greece

"What I love about this packaging is that it makes the product the hero. It's smart and elegant, using minimalist design to showcase the beautiful palettes and textures of these chocolate pebbles. If the role of confectionary packaging is to pique your curiosity and tempt you, this certainly draws you in."

- Sarah Williams

Description: To paraphrase the famous Marshall McLuhan wisdom, "the medium is the content" in this packaging extravaganza. The symbiotic relationship of medium and message, (of which the media guru preached), is here translated into the eccentric coupling of package-product. An 'outer-inner' game of illusions is played here, for the eyes of the consumer. The paradox of a sweet, eddible, even appetizing peeble, the beauty of an open crop, with its shockingly realistic flesh, fake cherries which can fool birds into coming to nibble at them like in the ancient paintings of Zeuxis, rocky-tasty formations: all these are mind treats we prepared for the consumer within a heightened - reality design environment.

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Second Place Winner: Bardot

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Entrant: Landor

Country: USA

Description: Advanced Ice Cream Technologies, a boutique ice cream purveyor from Mexico, came to us with dreams of sharing their artfully crafted ice cream bars with America. Unfortunately, their name sounded more like an innovator in cold storage than an artisan iced confectionery. 

Our goal was to create a name, identity and design system that conveyed the unparalleled decadence of their product, creating a sense of luxury, sensuality and desire. Their product was delicious, our job was to make it beautiful.

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Third Place Winner:  “löffle mich!” Cakes in Jars

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Entrant: Createam Werbeagentur GmbH

Country: Austria

Description: ”löffle mich!” means ”enjoy me with a spoon!”, and is the message of a savoury cake collection made in Austria. The idea was to create a cake label that puts you in good humour with its bright colours and exhilarating design.

Unlike other pre-prepared cakes, “löffle mich!” contains only fresh and natural ingredients and no artificial flavourings. The hand-crafted cakes are kept in glass jars to maintain the freshness of the product. A wooden spoon, fixed by the banderole, enables you to enjoy the cake immediately.

There is also a range of flavours available from peppermint-cherry-chocolate to chocolate-chilli, each with a funny poem on the tab.

“löffle mich!” is a cheerful new way of packaging a cake – a brand that simply puts everyone in a good mood.

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Non-Alcoholic Beverage

First Place Winner: Tea Bar Packaging

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Entrant: PROUDdesign

Country: Netherlands

"The packaging for this Amsterdam-based Tea Shop is so beautiful it is making me want to go to abroad to try it."

- Debbie Millman

Description: Tea Bar is a Amsterdam based tea shop where you can select and mix your own blend of loose leaf tea. We were asked to create a pack for their most favourite and special blends of loose leaf tea.

We created a sleeve in sleeve giftpack which reflects the handmade aspect and in design the special and individual character of each tea blend or even tea group.

All based on the new positioning: tea bar, creator of personalities

A perfect give-a-way or keep-it-yourself.

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Second Place Winner: Taiwan Centennial Blessing Tea Gift set

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Country: Taiwan

Description: Taiwan Centennial Blessing Tea Gift Set were carefully selected as four of Taiwan's premium tea, and the package is surrounded by the four words (????FU-LU-SHOU-XI) of blessing to celebrate Taiwan's centennial and the use of tea for Taiwanese people to express our sensibilities. The historical and artistically designed window decorations typify windows to the Taiwanese lifestyle between a century of culture inheritance and our innovative future.

The patterns of these tea gift boxes are reminiscent of traditional imagery used in old Chinese architecture to adorn windows and lampshades. The detailed ornaments symbolise hope, wellness and prosperity as well as the joy of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of China, Taiwan. The sophisticated packaging concept consists of an inner box, enveloped by an outer sleeve, containing tea leaves as well as cups. Thanks to its decorative patterning, the outer sleeve can also be used as a lantern. The four differentcoloured boxes are packaged together and can be carried with a delicate loop handle.

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Third Place Winner: 82Go

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Entrant: 82Go

Country: USA

Description: As active lifestyle enthusiasts, we were convinced that there had to be a more convenient and eco-friendly way to drink H2O on–the-go than rigid water bottles. With that in mind, 82GoTM was designed.  BodsTM, as we call them, fit just about anywhere and deliver eight ounces of essential, purified hydration in a purely portable package. 82GoTM BodsTM use less than 2 grams of plastic resin, about the amount in a typical water bottle cap, while most rigid water bottles use between 10-40 grams. Next time you are on-the-go, grab an 82GoTM. Simply open, drink and recycle.

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Bath, Beauty & Health

First Place Winner: GLO Brilliant Packaging

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Entrant: Melissa Scott

Country: USA

"From the design of the typography to the white space, every element shows careful, strategic consideration and restraint, resulting in a truly brilliant package for Glo Science – Teeth Whitening."

- Christine Mau

Description: GLO Science is an innovative technology brand, launching the breakthrough GLO Brilliant™ Personal Teeth Whitening Device—an at-home teeth whitening system—in 2010 with 12 patents pending. GLO™ was created by NYC aesthetic dentist and inventor, Jonathan B. Levine, DMD.

The packaging for GLO™ was designed to highlight the brand idea of "bright and white" from multiple facets—starting with the bright blue outer sleeve with a white burst from the corner—and continuing through the crisp white inner box featuring a bold foil logo. The modern simplicity of the industrial design is reflected in the minimal packaging both in exterior design with the graphic, cropped logo to the compact interior arrangement, creating less waste within the box.

The color system is a direct reference to the unique, innovative product design with blue LED lights. The square shape of the package creates a recognizable, modular system in the retail space.

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Second Place Winner: bébé de forêt 

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Entrant: YuHan-Kimberly

Country: South Korea

Description: bébé de forêt is a newly launched organic skincare line of GreenFinger which is the market-leading brand in baby skincare category in Korea. The bottle and pump are designed to effectively deliver the benefit of organic ingredients which derived from the plant buds that grows in southern part of France. The bud-shaped pump and a flexible deco piece on the jar were created after times of efforts on visualizing the iconic feature of newly sprouted buds with full of energy. The chocolate colored piece with dimply surface on the cap represents a rich soil. Consequently the total package communicates an image of a sprout in a pot. The package received the ECOCERT certification by using recyclable plastic materials, and launched successfully in the market.

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Third Place Winner: Help Remedies Redesign

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Entrant: Pearlfisher

Country: USA

Description: For Help Remedies, a New York City based boutique pharma company, Pearlfisher refreshed the packaging and brand identity to visually strengthen the brand architecture. Taking the pharma world by storm, Help’s Take Less campaign is pushing forward a bold and unique message that less is more – less drugs, less dyes, less coatings. As part of the campaign, Pearlfisher refreshed the packaging for the existing range to the portfolio as well as well as extended the product range into a new sku to make the overall brand architecture more visually strong and to give the brand better stand out and immediacy of recognition. 

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Home, Garden & Pets

First Place Winner: NuBone

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Entrant: Jacky Kaho Ling & David Dong-Hee Suh 

Country: USA

"Having three dogs, I was personally sensible to the NuBone design. When I give a bone to my dogs, it is primarily a reward, but thanks to this packaging the nutritional interest is also visible, proving that health and taste can be mixed."

-Fabrice Peltier

Description: NuBone is a series of nutritional supplements package for dogs that improves user experience and visual communication between users and product.

While the nutrient bone is the most iconic health supplement in the pet industry, its packaging in the stores hasn’t been interactive well enough to communicate with customers; and the graphical elements of the packaging were not effectively communicating its flavors and ingredients. Furthermore, the most used material for bone packaging is plastic, which does not leave a positive impact on the environment.

The NuBone series is composed of four different flavors: beef, chicken, vegetable, and salmon; each flavor embodies an essential nutrient for a dog’s health: Protein, Calcium, Iron and Omega 3.

The raw pictorial representation of each flavor visually becomes an extension to the bone to create a refreshing relationship between the bones and their corresponding flavors and nutrients. The packaging design has also brought the often neglected nutritional statistics up front to help dog owners compare the selections more easily to make smarter health decisions for their dog's diet, while leaving room on the back for more intimate narratives and additional interactive content with the QR code.

Utilizing a paper folding mechanism, the packaging was able to encase the bone by tension efficiently with minimal volume. Compared to current one-time-use plastic packages, the NuBone has longevity in lifecycle: easy to be transferred from flattened to volumed for future storage or portable usage.

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Second Place Winner: Go! Pet Food Packaging System

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Entrant: Subplot Design

Country: Canada

Description: Petcurean Pet Nutrition was founded in 1999 as a small start-up company, based on a unique concept that utilizes concentrated forms of meat and human grade ingredients to formulate a pet food that replicates what families enjoy at home every day. With excellent sales, a passionate mission and superior products, the product packaging was dated and had little to no differentiation between their two very different product lines.

GO!, Petcurean’s flagship line, is a nutrient-rich and energy-packed food. Available in various formulations, each created to have its own unique benefit including a recipe for pets with dietary sensitivities, whole-grain and grain-free recipes and recipes for various life-stages, GO! is a true fitness food for everyday pets.

“Created to put more life into your pet” trumpets this product positioning, and the packaging brings this to life with action shots of real pets who eat GO! recipes, complete with heart-warming testimonials of health and revitalization. The package itself brings an “active lifestyle” sensibility to the pet specialty store shelf with metallic foil, strong formula identification, iconography and specific call-outs for the recipes’ ingredients and benefits.

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Third Place Winner: European Wax and Scent

Editorial photograph

Entrant: Restoration Hardware

Country: USA

Description: This collection of custom-blended wax and scents draws inspiration from the natural world and destinations abroad. Hand-poured candles, diffusers and room sprays are packaged in branded wooden crates and vintage-inspired kraft boxes.

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Books, Office & Art

First Place Winner: Origami Paper Pack

Editorial photograph

Entrant: NOOKA

Country: USA

"Innovative paperboard structure, executed in one color celebrates mindful sustainable practices–bravo for the designer, and extra-bravo for the client."

-Michael Osborne

Description: NOOKA has always been aware of environmental issues and has always tried to produce packaging that is either as minimal in materials as possible and or has a secondary use. This has created some marketing issues as most retailers are used to the package conveying the value of the product inside, especially in the watch category. But back to basics, this package was designed to be as green as possible in 2 ways: minimal materials and lowest possible weight [as shipping is one of the greatest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions]. As for look-and-feel, NOOKA is a mindstyle™ brand, and applying our NOOKAFESTO™ to all design projects provides a framework for our internal design process – and in this case to produce a minimal green package that is provocative or at least entertaining. We feel the result is successful by utilizing origami geometric geometric principles to create the solution.

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Second Place Winner: The Fox With The Golden Fur

Editorial photograph

Entrant: Ultra Creative

Country: USA

Description: Each year we start from scratch to create a fully original artwork that is both cultural snapshot and talent showcase. “The Fox With the Golden Fur”—a storybook and paper-cut shadowbox with illustrations on custom chocolate wrappers—sprang from popular culture’s latest romance with fantasy and fairy tale. The idea also meshed nicely with our interest in storytelling and simple elegance. While the end result is always shared with our friends during the holidays, the exercise is focused on working within long-standing constraints: make it interactive, make it relevant, and make it hold one pound of chocolate.

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Third Place Winner: Rolling Words

Editorial photograph

Entrant: Pereira & O'Dell

Country: USA

Description: Introducing Rolling Words, Snoop Dogg's smokable songbook. A promotion for Snoop Dogg’s Kingsize Slim Rolling Papers created by Pereira & O’Dell.

Each page is a rolling paper with Snoop’s greatest songs and lyrics written on them - in non-toxic ink – for your rolling pleasure. The pages are perforated making them easy to detach.

The book is made of hemp-related materials, with the cover, binding, and internal lining all made from hemp paper while the spine of the book is a match striking surface.

While the book is currently for elite distribution, a limited edition book is being discussed for release online. However, 420-friendly festival goers at this year’s Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival will get a chance to sample the rolling papers from posters placed at the festival with the rolling papers as tabs to detach and take.

Snoop Dogg will headline the final night of the festival on Sunday, April 22nd in Indio, CA.

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Electronics, Technology, Movies, CDs

First Place Winner:  Watch the Throne: Jay Z / Kanye West

Editorial photograph

Entrant: Island Def Jam Music Group

Country: USA

"Nominated for the 2011 Grammy Award for best album package, this CD design is a masterpiece. However, seeing it in two dimension does it a dis-service. The 8 panel gold mylar embossed softpack needs to be experienced in person. Kind of like Kanye and Jay Z."

- Debbie Millman

Description: Deluxe Package Features 8 Panel Gold Mylar, Embossed Softpack That Folds Out Into The Shape Of A Cross, 18 Panel Poster, Black CD; USB Drive; 12" Vinyl Is Bigger Version Of The Softpack With Picture Discs, Pop Up Store

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Second Place Winner: Lou Reed and Metallica / Lulu

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Entrant: Turner Duckworth Design of San Francisco

Country: USA

Description: Lulu is a musical collaboration between Lou Reed and Metallica, based on Frank Wiedekind’s Lulu plays from the early 1900s. In the plays, the main character, Lulu, is objectified by men in a brutal tale of sex, deception and murder. The packaging design reflected this delicate balance between humanity and soulnessness by melding the female form with that of a period-appropriate mannequin found in the Museum der Dinge in Berlin.

The packaging reflects this unique approach to music, in a distinct style that is not normally associated with either iconic artist. The concept extended beyond CD packaging to this limited edition deluxe set. The tube contains an oversized lyric poster and detachable folding CD case.

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Third Place Winner: DrNo

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Entrant: Eric van den Boom

Country: Netherlands

Description: I created the logo artwork and packaging design for DrNo Effects, a range of vintage guitar effect pedals. It has been an absolute pleasure to work on this job as I always love to mix graphic design, custom lettering and illustration. This project had all of these elements. I started by doing rough sketches, and created six different vintage styles, one for each guitar effect. Within each artwork, I tried to reflect the sound and style of the effect. I created custom letters to make every effect unique and special. Finally, I placed the sketches in Illustrator, traced them and added colour."

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First Place Winner: Smirnoff Caipiroska

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Entrant: JWT

Country: Brazil

"The Smirnoff Caipiroska packaging is simply stunning. The use of peelable shrink wrap, printed with the outer skin of the fruit flavor in the bottle, lets you literally unwrap the flavor inside."

-Andrew Gibbs

Description: To launch the new formula of the flavors of Smirnoff Caipiroska, the Brazilian drink that is popular worldwide, we created bottles with the texture of the fruit for the flavors lemon, passion fruit and berries and a diagonal perforation, so that consumers could feel the unique experience of peeling a drink made of fruit. And we even sent the bottles in wooden crates to a select mailing list, just like the fruits are transported in large produce markets in Brazil.

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Second Place Winner:  B Honey Cachaça

Editorial photograph

Entrant: Pereira & O'Dell

Country: USA

Description: Packaging to buzz about. B honey cachaça is a new Brazilian rum that blends sugar cane rum with honey and a touch of lime, creating a premium beverage from a common drink. The visual identity and branding of the rum was created by the U.S. office Pereira & O'Dell. Note the sophisticated bee design from body to capsule, pulling together the honey-colored beverage. The sleek black & yellow striped box doubles as a wine chiller to keep your cachaca chilled to crisp perfection for hours. It is ideal for both home and commercial use.

The liquor brand is co-founded by Formula 1 driver Nelson Piquet Jr. and friends, currently available in Brazil with a clear path to the US in 2012.

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Third Place Winner: Bacardi 150 Anniversary Celebration Decanter

Editorial photograph

Entrant: Twelve

Country: UK

Description: Our challenge at Twelve was to design a perfect expression of the Bacardi company into a celebratory pack for the150th Anniversary of this established family business.

We chose El Coco, the original palm tree planted by Don Facundo Bacardi Masso's son 150 years ago; the symbol of the Bacardi company's heritage and Cuban roots. The liquid concept was 'By the family for the family' a concept that resonates with the celebration of the past and the anticipation for the Bacardi company’s future.The hand blown and individually numbered decanter design represents the split seed opening to reveal a new palm for the future in the innovative marquetry veneered glass stopper. Inside the liquid is held in spherical shape by the glass around it representing the global company that has grown in the 150 years since Facundo Bacardi first made rum in Santiago de Cuba. The etched co-ordinates 20 01 48.69N 075 49 56.86W which mark the birthplace of Bacardi rum in Santiago de Cuba where the story began.

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First Place Winner: Miller Boombox

Editorial photograph

Entrant: Manajans/JWT Istanbul

Country: Turkey

"The Miller Boombox pack is not only a nostalgiac design that consumers have fallen in love with, it encourages additional sales as consumers need to buy three packs to compelte the full boombox."

-Andrew Gibbs

Description: Brief: To attract attention to and to make Miller the preferred brand among other six packs in the summer when beer consumption spikes.

Solution: Miller is closely linked with music in Turkey. It has been organizing Miller Music Factory, a contest to discover fresh music talents for six years and Miller Freshtival, a music festival, for two years now. This is why we have chosen music as a theme for our six packs. We have designed two sided boxes, one side looks like a speaker and the other is the cassette player. This way when three boxes are brought together side by side, they form a boombox.

Result: People mostly bought 3 boxes instead of one to bring home a boombox.

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Second Place Winner: Austin Eastciders

Editorial photograph

Entrant: Simon Walker

Country: USA

Description: The client, a new hard cider company launching in Austin, TX, presented a brief to produce a bottle design capable of recontextualizing the entire cider category in America. The aim was to put cider back in it's true context as the Original Drink of America, an historic beverage long overdue the kind of renaissance that craft beer and cocktail mixology have enjoyed in recent years. This called for a very striking brand style with a strong 1920's feel, reminiscent of the Prohibition era when cider went from the most popular drink in the land to almost total obsolescence. The client also required the origination of an iconic company logo which would place the brand firmly within Austin's retro americana design style.

Three different hand drawn scripts were created for company logo, product name and 'Cider - ORIGINAL DRINK OF AMERICA' tagline. White print on a clear, retro-shaped bottle was used to evoke vintage 1920's soda pops, also highlighting the distinct golden color of the drink. The final design strongly referenced classic old beer bottle designs, matching the clients desire to reintroduce beer drinkers to craft-produced cider. The bottle is also designed to be able to be 'upcycled' to create a very attractive branded glass, reflecting the eco-friendly ethos of Austin.

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Third Place Winner: Einstök

Editorial photograph

Entrant: Auston Design Group

Country: USA

Description: This past year, Auston Design Group developed the branding and beer label design for this new high-end luxury import. Einstök is an Icelandic word meaning “unique”, which is fitting as the country was originally settled by Vikings and rests on the edge of the Arctic Circle. Like other northern European countries that endure long hard winters shrouded in darkness, the Icelandic culture is earnest and efficient. This characteristic is evidenced in their history of a clean and minimal approach to design. The Einstök branding and label design are an effective representation of this northern European mind-set. The bold sparseness of the package lends itself to strong billboarding on shelf, which makes it stand out like a beacon in the highly competitive beer aisle. Einstök launched in 2011 with their White Ale, Pale Ale, Toasted Porter, and seasonal Doppelbock.

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Wine & Champagne

First Place Winner:  Bold & Brave Port

Editorial photograph

Entrant: Boldincreative Pty Ltd.

Country: Australia

"This packaging tells a distinctive and seaworthy tale— you can just envision hard working sailors taking a swig, or uncovering a bottle in the captain's private wine stash onboard a magnificent ship. The craft of the typography, illustration, wax seal, and tactile printing treatments reinforce quality and relentless attention to detail. The design does a great job of luring you in to experience the product."

- Sarah Williams

Description: Boldinc's latest creation for Bell River Estate captures craft and expertise with a limited edition Port collection designed in collaboration with illustrator Jeremy Lord.

The collection includes five different bottles. A good old-fashioned hole punch became the simple and ingenious solution to bring hand-crafted exclusivity to each individually numbered bottle.

Our friends at “The Distillery” letterpress and Clear Image Labels helped in this commercial run.The design itself is inspired by the rich history of our neighbouring wharves, where U.S Sailors, on shore leave in Potts Point and Kings Cross helped establish a long serving culture of working hard and playing harder.

The Bold & Brave Port Co. is a testament to our town. Never a dull moment, always an opportunity. A place where fortune favours the brave…

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Second Place Winner: Dearly Beloved

Editorial photograph

Entrant: Stranger & Stranger

Country: USA

Description: This is a Californian red wine aimed at a younger wine-drinking crowd. We had a name but needed to get away from any marriage connotations. The brief was: do what you like. So we did. Total production was 30,000 cases and it sold out in six weeks. Range extensions are in development now.

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Third Place Winner: Finca de la Rica

Editorial photograph

Entrant: Dorian

Country: Spain

Description: "El Buscador", "El Guía" and "El Nómada" are three wines from a line designed under the concept of leisure. A funny and original idea that invites consumers to participate directly on the bottle itself to complete or resolve the puzzles (word search, dot to dot and labyrinth), that is also a highly innovative solution within the wine industry.

The packaging focuses and enhances the moment of relax and pleasure that gives you a good glass of wine, obtaining a more unique and memorable experience.

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First Place Winner: Re-Envisioning Auto Zone

Editorial photograph

Entrant: Vinh Pho

Country: USA

"Vinh Pho is a talented young designer who has created an exceptional re-envisioning of packaging and branding for the automotive category."

-Andrew Gibbs

Description: The objective was to rebrand and redesign Auto Zone’s packaging and identity. The rebranding and repackaging of Auto Zone encapsoles a inviting experience with expressions of simplicity and professionalism. The craze of health and nutrition, was the driving force of the packaging concept; allowing Auto Zone to expand their user market through the redesign that encompasses these six key attributes: simple, professional, inviting, established, accessible and mobile.

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Second Place Winner: Mighty Nuts

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Entrant: Maija Rozenfelde

Country: USA

Description: The package for Pistachios is telling a narrative in every detail. The shape and opening mechanism is an abstract reference to pistachios themselves. An important part of my thought process was to focus on user experience and second function of the package. The result is a package where the inside tray holds pistachios but the outer part separates and becomes a tray for the shells - a perfect way to enjoy pistachios instantly.

The graphics are no less important for this solution. The main intention was to create graphics that depict the crunchiness of pistachios, that’s where the hand-made type treatment comes in. Also, to think even further about the consumers, all the nutrition facts are shown on the front panel. However, the engraved design makes this essential information visually appealing and even interesting to look at.

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Third Place Winner: S'Monsters Packaging

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Entrant: Preston Grubbs

Country: USA

Description: As part of the IOPP 48hr repack competition, my team created S’Monsters. Making s’mores often brings back memories of my boy scout days. We would sit around the campfire, drop a few flaming marshmallows in the dirt and tell stories while we all tried to act cool rather than scared. My team decided to take inspiration from campfire stories and bring that nostalgia into our packaging. We created 3 different characters who would represent different flavors of s’mores: Classic, Mint and Strawberry. Each character has their own unique attributes and personality.

In addition to the fun characters, we looked at how s’mores ingredients are currently packaged. The ingredients are all different sizes, have bulky, wasteful packaging and are a burden to pack for a quick camping trip. S’Monsters makes it easy. The ingredients are ready to roast, stack and enjoy.

Team project by: Preston Grubbs, Erica Hines, Andy Stewart, Caitlin Dupree, Zach Rossman, & Jessica Ruiz

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