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"Discipline is a new Italian design brand. The name Discipline, which means order and competence, combines the method and the message at the origin: creating a new generation of furniture and accessories to lend emotion to the real life."







A life that is increasingly focused on respect and on a natural need for everyday harmony. And where surrounding oneself with beautiful objects means to make up for optimism and excitement. Discipline’s collection conveys the energy of natural materials and essential forms dictated by such basic needs as sitting or illuminating a room or by needs that are still unobserved, but which are suggested by an original function of a common object. This is why each product is built with materials selected for their self-regenerating properties, such as wood, cork, bamboo, glass, natural textiles and eco upholstering, obtained by sustainable production methods.

A set of features that flows together into an aesthetic pleasure made of tactile and olfactory emotions, which grow and customize on everybody own personality. In order to give new life to any product and any emotion to the final users, Discipline has involved an international team, now including 14 designers from 10 different countries: Lars Beller Fjetland, Mario Bellini, Pauline Deltour, Ding3000, Lars Frideen, Ichiro Iwasaki, Klauser&Carpenter, Claesson Koivisto Rune, Max Lamb, Luca Nichetto, Philippe Nigro, Marc Sadler, Sibylle Stoeckli and SmithMatthias. And there are more to come.

Thanks to the excellence of each partner involved in this project, furniture and accessories enhance the personality of their specific materials, while responding to industrial mechanism, with processes set out both by quality and creativity with a special focus on the final cost. This unleash a strong and precise identity, that is created and displayed by the products and in all the project activities, based on a communication carefully and closely focused and on modern distribution.

The project essence, for the launch campaign, is interpreted by the humour and the artistic ability of the German illustrator and set designer Sarah Illenberger: the natural materials, with the shape of fruits and vegetables, become the daily pure nourishment of Discipline design and of whose will choose and use it. The multichannel distribution (flagship store, franchising, e-commerce, partnerships…) is also aimed on emerging and growing markets (Brazil, China, India, Australia…), where identifying and establishing alliances for development of production and on-site sales.

Developed By: SM Associati

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