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Tap'd NY - New York "Bottled" Water

by Prescott Perez-Fox on 09/10/2008 | 2 Minute Read

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The bottled water industry has its skeptics. While there are some folks who, for some reason, refuse to drink tap water under any conditions, most people acknowledge that it’s pretty much the same thing. But now it’s actually the same thing.

Tap’d NY is a new brand of bottled water where the contents are nothing more than New York City tap water! They don’t even hide it, in fact, it’s part of their brand ethos:

Tap’dNY is a bottled water for the new age: an honest and local alternative for all New Yorkers. We purify and bottle New York City’s famous tap water, leaving out the malarkey and far journey included in other bottled waters.

Learn more about Tap'd NY and see some photos of the bottles "in action" after the jump.

The design of the bottle is simple and transparent, and features the pipelines reminiscent of the layered NYC skylines. The colours were chosen to be Orange and Blue, the same as those of the Flag of the City of New York. Credits for the concept and design are shared between "many people", according to Craig Zucker of Tapped Drinks.

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Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

Bottles feature a variety of cheeky slogans on the back, including such gems as "Bottled Water Without the Funny Accent" and "Water Just Like Mom Used to Serve". You can see more on the website.

And when it’s done, you can refill the bottle. You know, the same way you can do with every other bottled brand. I’m all for favouring local brands, but this is a stretch. I’ll stick to my 5 Boroughs Ice Cream, thanks.

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