Featured image for T9 Gives Their High-Quality Teas a Covetable Vintage Look

T9 Gives Their High-Quality Teas a Covetable Vintage Look

by Sarah Fonder on 04/03/2024 | 2 Minute Read

Old packages are a common sight at vintage and thrift stores. Decades after their original use, people are still paying good money for well-designed boxes of coffee, tea, cigarettes, and other daily sundries that, in many cases, just don't have the same appeal to their packages anymore. Plenty of brands have taken note, creating gorgeous retro boxes and tins with high-quality components and collectible appeal.

T9's global tea collection has an endearing flexible design, with variants of colors and animal icons on each box, all tied together with striking gold serif text announcing each flavor. Timeless details like a gold ribbon, speckled banner, and insignia you can almost imagine being quite literally branded into the box tie this elegant, thoughtful design together.


With the theme of "Exploring Good Teas from Around the World", starting from the globly historical stories of the origins of 8 selected teas, we extracted 8 cultural totems such as dragon, elephant, ox, golden-winged bird, etc., and apply them in each tea package design.

The center of the packaging symbolizes the authentic origin of each good tea. In terms of visual structure, the outermost golden border outlines each product, making it look gorgeous and noble. The orange tea leaf border highlights the brand identity and the characteristics of the tea category. Besides, 8 kinds of tea are matched with 8 colors to supplement the visual structure. The arc-shaped golden product name is highly identical and easy to find. Each package contains two single-brew small packages, exquisite and considerate. With the brand's heritage, quality and retro charm reflected in the design?the packaging is successfully outstanding itself from a large amount of traditional Chinese tea brands.