Featured image for Coca-Cola Gets Salty with Their TikTok-Exclusive Release 'Happy Tears'

Coca-Cola Gets Salty with Their TikTok-Exclusive Release 'Happy Tears'

by Sarah Fonder on 02/07/2024 | 2 Minute Read

TikTok’s impact on shopping and influencing widespread purchasing decisions has been so massive in recent years that it’s redefined a handful of industries. Viral videos can make or break books, make once-obscure products feel nigh impossible to find in meatspace, and even inspire the creation of whole “As Seen on TikTok” shelves. 

It makes sense that TikTok would want to get in on the deal—in the past few months, anyone who scrolls the platform has likely seen tons of TikTok Shop promotions by now. While being in the early stages means some of the products out there can be a little sketchy, it’s getting increasingly legit to the point that huge companies are getting involved.

One of the biggest companies is trying its hand at a TikTok exclusive in the form of Coca-Cola’s Happy Tears. This limited-edition flavor is a slightly salty, sugar-free take on the classic formula, packaged in a shiny silver can decorated with a wax teardrop. It seems almost like a 21st-century take on the “I’d like to buy the world a Coke” idea, inspired by the tears of a random act of kindness. Fittingly, the release is set for February 17, also (apparently!) known as Random Acts of Kindness Day.


The can has a “hip, very online Gen Zer who watches a lot of anime” look to it with black sans serif typography in a white bubble, an aesthetic that carries out into the accompanying “Hype Box.” That includes two cans of Happy Tears, silvery text stickers, a collectible t-shirt, and, of course, tissues. 

It’s a US and UK release you can only buy on TikTok next week. But if you’re curious about the flavor, Delish’s Gabby Romero describes it as “slightly floral, vaguely fruity, and entirely unique…sort of like eating a mystery-flavored Dum Dum lollipop.” Sounds interesting!