Featured image for Domenic Lippa and Pentagram Refresh Functional Elixir Brand Three Spirit

Domenic Lippa and Pentagram Refresh Functional Elixir Brand Three Spirit

by Rudy Sanchez on 01/23/2024 | 3 Minute Read

Three Spirit is a UK-based brand of non-alcoholic elixir alternatives. Unlike many non-alcoholic options, Three Spirit doesn't formulate its offerings to taste like conventional liquors, wines, or beers. Instead, they make their drinks with adaptogens, distillates, ferments, herbs, and nootropics.

Recently, Three Spirit reached out to Domenic Lippa and Pentagram to refresh its brand identity and packaging. The new brand identity focuses on botanical alchemy and the concept of a “third way” of drinking that focuses on the desired mood instead of choosing between alcohol or anything non-alcoholic.


Pentagram worked with Adam Kaveney, Bert Preece, and Simple Revolution to develop a new brand strategy and positioning, landing on “fanatical curiosity.”

The new identity avoids traditional tropes found in the spirits category. The new wordmark is custom-drawn to ensure the letters are precisely aligned. The “R” in “SPIRIT” is flipped upside down, a reference to the change in perspective of drinking. The logomark is based on the numeral “3” and found inspiration in alchemy. Lippa and the team based the unique logo on the FS Kim typeface, and it was designed with equal angles and aligned with Three Spirit’s equilateral triangle graphic asset.


Equilateral triangles have been a part of Three Spirit’s branding from the get-go, and Pentagram retained the shape in the refresh. The triangle is a nod to the “Three” in the brand name in addition to its three co-founders.


The triangles theme features heavily throughout the brand refresh and receives prominent placing on the front of the redesigned bottles. Each triangle points in a different direction based on the drink. Livener, described as a “pick-me-up,” has an upward-pointing triangle; Social, “the mood maker,” features a triangle pointed to the right; Finally, Nightcap, which Three Spirit describes as “the dream maker,” keeps its aim low. Additionally, the new Three Spirit bottles are also lighter than the ones they replaced. The redesigned bottles are thinner and taller and use 52% recycled glass. The change in design enabled Three Spirits, a certified B Corporation, to reduce its carbon footprint by saving 14% energy in production.


The timing of Three Spirit’s refresh comes as many choose to go dry at the beginning of the year. Pentagram’s approach is contemporary and intriguing, inviting the sober-curious and or just sober to try a different form of drinking that can be tailored to a desired mood—to invigorate, create a social mood, or relax and unwind.