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Johnson & Johnson Announces Major Brand Refresh (And, Yes, There's a New Non-Cursive Logo)

by Rudy Sanchez on 09/15/2023 | 2 Minute Read

Pharmaceutical and medical technology company Johnson & Johnson is one of the oldest running brands in operation, using some form of its script logo since 1886, one based on co-founder James Wood Johnson’s signature.

Yesterday, that all went away as the brand decided to replace its handwritten logo with something much more modern.

Since 2021, Johnson & Johnson has been moving away from consumer healthcare, spinning off brands like Benadryl, Band-Aid, and Listerine into a new, separate company called Kenvue. The new logo reflects the recent focus on pharma and medical technology. Johnson & Johnson’s pharmaceutical segment, Janssen, will also be renamed Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine.

According to a company announcement, each character in the new wordmark uses a single stroke to create contrast and “a sense of unexpectedness and humanity.” The familiar red is also updated to a brighter color, signifying “the ability to urgently respond to health challenges” and to “evolve with the times and set the pace.” Finally, the updated ampersand aims to capture a “caring, human nature” and the company’s openness.

Above: Original Johnson & Johnson logo.

“Our Johnson & Johnson brand identity communicates our bold approach to innovation in healthcare while staying true to the care we have for our patients around the world,” Vanessa Broadhurst, EVP of global corporate affairs, said in the same announcement. “We take immense pride in leading healthcare for more than a century and are seizing on our scientific momentum to impact health for humanity profoundly.”

The new logo also washes away brand equity and consumer recognition built over 137 years. Unlike most heritage brands, this refresh connects very little to the updated identity. Then again, as Johnson & Johnson moves out of consumer-facing brands, it might make sense to go for a more staid look that medical professionals will mostly see. Of course, anything that helps distance Johnson & Johnson and major lawsuits over cancer-causing baby powder in the public’s mind is also a plus.

According to the embattled brand, the new logo will slowly roll out across product packaging and branding assets. Don't ask us when, because we don't know. Additionally, there's no word yet on who redesigned the logo, but we're happy for any hot tips you may have.