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Interact Revitalizes Lean Cuisine With a Branding and Packaging Update

by Chloe Gordon on 08/21/2023 | 2 Minute Read

With multiple redesigns in the past 15 years, Lean Cuisine was a brand that needed to understand its place on the shelves and in its consumer's homes. The brand turned to Boulder-based Interact to revitalize its packaging and branding to help find its place in the hearts of its evolving audience of Lean Lovers. 

The task was clear—create a fresh identity that would resonate deeply, highlight the product's benefits, and offer a seamless shopping experience while aligning with the brand's commitment to mindful eating. Having assisted consumers in making health-conscious choices since 1981, Lean Cuisine's legacy as a pioneer in calorie-conscious yet flavorful meals was undeniable. Yet, its branding needed a complete overhaul to reflect its roots, evolution, and the contemporary preferences of its audience.


Interact reimagined the Lean Cuisine brand by targeting three primary objectives—recapturing relevance, engaging the senses and sensibilities of consumers, and making its diverse product offerings more comprehensible. The main focus of the redesign was introducing a new product tier naming system. This simple yet effective change helped consumers navigate the Lean Cuisine portfolio, categorizing products based on their unique attributes and benefits, supporting them in identifying products that catered to their preferences and dietary needs.

Interact revamped the communication hierarchy to address the challenge of conveying information clearly and captivatingly. That involved placing the dish at the forefront of the packaging. Further, the overhead photography technique fostered visually appealing imagery that effortlessly differentiates between various product offerings. The result was packaging that captured the essence of each dish, offering a glimpse into the delicious flavors within.


The branding overhaul was comprehensive, extending beyond packaging to create a cohesive brand presence. Lean Cuisine's new visual identity exudes freshness, vibrancy, and healthiness. The packaging redesign offered a visual continuity that made it unmistakably Lean Cuisine while being modern and enticing.

Interact's redesign of Lean Cuisine's packaging and branding perfectly blends legacy with modernity and marks a new chapter. It promises better health and mindful eating by reimagining the product portfolio, improving the visual and communicative hierarchy, and enhancing the flavors.

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