Featured image for Billie Turns Womanhood Into an Unwinnable Board Game With 'No Worries If Not'

Billie Turns Womanhood Into an Unwinnable Board Game With 'No Worries If Not'

by Chloe Gordon on 08/03/2023 | 2 Minute Read

Billie, the women-based self-care brand that started with a razor, has been committed to breaking boundaries and empowering women to make their own choices while rejecting unrealistic beauty standards. 

Now, the creative brand is taking a playful approach to address the outlandish standards women often face with their latest campaign, "No Worries if Not." The project includes a bright, colorful, quirky board game that ingeniously reframes sexist expectations into a Monopoly-like adventure.


At first glance, the packaging design of "No Worries if Not" catches the eye with its vibrant colors and whimsical illustrations, inviting players into an empowering journey. Each stop on the game board has clever names like "Smile More Street," humorously addressing the toxic issues that women endure, especially the never-ending double standards. Players can pass through "Judgment Junction" and "The Wage Gap," playfully highlighting the absurdity of biases and gender pay disparities.

Billie is a brand founded on the thought that women should not be constantly evaluated based on their outer appearances. The "No Worries if Not" campaign aims to spark meaningful conversations about these issues while preserving a light-hearted and funny approach.

Based on real-life setbacks and the challenges of daily life, "No Worries if Not" addresses the "game" women often find themselves playing, i.e., people-pleasing, overthinking, multitasking, and over-apologizing. On the front of the box, there’s witty—but utterly truthful—copy reading, “The game women never wanted to play.” The anti-Candy Land contest encourages players to make power moves and stay on track while navigating paths like "Self-Doubt Spiral" and "You Look Tired Triangle."


In each "No Worries if Not" game box, players will find a game board, dice, tokens, cards, instructions, and a big envelope, adding to the surprise and excitement. Billie's "No Worries if Not" calls out women's challenges through a digestible bright, colorful, and quirky lens. This humorous approach allows players to embark on an empowering journey that challenges societal norms, promotes inclusivity, and reminds us all that women are the architects of their destinies.