Featured image for Alcohol-Free Brand Calexo’s New Packaging Has Celebration In Mind

Alcohol-Free Brand Calexo’s New Packaging Has Celebration In Mind

by Chloe Gordon on 08/10/2023 | 3 Minute Read

Calexo's packaging design underwent a strategic transformation, shifting from bottles to cans to align with evolving consumer preferences. Recognizing the changing landscape after the pandemic, the brand adapted to meet the demand for smaller, more personal portions that offered increased flexibility. 

The 22oz bottle, once designed for sharing, was replaced by sleek and portable cans, becoming the go-to choice for the brand's packaging. 

The initial branding was designed four years ago by TRUF Creative, which included creating the logo and stripe graphic language system. Then, internally, the brand developed the packaging and supporting marketing materials. In addition to the update, Calexo introduced new and exciting products to their lineup of alcohol-free drinks. The sparkling hemp beverages come in various delicious, infused, and un-infused flavors. Crafted to cater to diverse tastes, Calexo's offerings promise an uplifting experience with 5mg of THC and CBD or a refreshing no-impact option for those seeking alcohol alternatives.


Calexo's packaging design is a vibrant testament to the careful consideration of capturing the essence of the brand's beverages. Drawing inspiration from art pioneers such as Bridget Riley and Sol Lewitt, Calexo's packaging features a captivating warping line work pattern that emulates the psychedelic effects of their drinks. This choice was deliberate, reflecting the beverages' moderate psychoactive effect, and the juxtaposition of bright, crisp contrasting colors mirrors the control these drinks offer. The horizontal art, with a half circle resembling a setting sun over the Pacific Ocean and the undulating stripe pattern reminiscent of waves at high tide, creates a striking visual narrative.

The decision to have the label envelope the entire can be attributed to Calexo's confidence in its product. By allowing their pattern to enclose the packaging fully, they convey the same enthusiasm and playfulness that defines their brand. The selection of color palettes was rooted in the flavors of the drinks, highlighting the cultural and communal inspirations behind each flavor. Citrus Rose, reminiscent of Palm Springs' bright art deco hues; Semitropic, reflecting the colorful leaves of La Jolla's bougainvillea; and Cucumber Citron, evokes the lush greens of the Oakland Hills, all draw a vivid connection between taste and visual aesthetic.


Typography also played a crucial role in communicating the brand's character. Opting for a bold, rounded serif font in lowercase, Calexo strikes a balance between sophistication and approachability. This choice mirrors their laidback and elegantly refined philosophy, embodying the cool California energy they represent.

The distinction between the two product styles—infused and un-infused —was a thoughtful challenge addressed through subtle yet effective design cues. Both versions' pattern and sun motif remain distinctive, with the infused line leaning toward a high-contrast psychedelic style, clearly signifying the psychoactive aspect. This approach empowers consumers to make informed choices that resonate with their preferences and needs while fostering transparency and communication in social settings. Overall, Calexo's packaging design is a vibrant representation of their innovative beverages, capturing their essence and values with every eye-catching detail.


Besides the convenience and portability of the can, Calexo's decision to switch to cans was further validated by its positive environmental impact. Cans are highly recyclable, reducing the brand's carbon footprint and promoting sustainability. Moreover, their sturdy construction ensures that each can reach customers intact, preserving the freshness of the drinks by protecting active ingredients from harmful UV light.

The brand's expansion into new locations further extends its reach, allowing more consumers to experience the joy of Calexo's celebration-inspired refreshments. Overall, the updates showcase Calexo's commitment to innovation, its consumer's preferences, and delivering an elevated experience for modern, health-conscious drinkers.