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ThoughtMatter Designs Misfits Market's New Private Label 'Odds & Ends'

by Rudy Sanchez on 01/06/2023 | 3 Minute Read

According to the non-profit Feeding America, over 108 billion pounds of food, or roughly 40% of total production, go to waste in the US every year. Some food is left uneaten because it fails to meet retail standards for shape and appearance, despite being edible.

Misfits Market aims to reduce waste by working with organic producers to sell and ship surplus and “ugly” produce to customers, with additional savings of up to 40%.


As part of the brand’s ongoing mission, Misfits Market has expanded its offerings by introducing a new private label subbrand called Odds & Ends. The private label goes beyond fresh produce and includes pantry staples like coffee, snacks, olive oil, pasta, and canned vegetables. The ugly produce category's cream of the crop turned to the design agency ThoughtMatter to create branding and packaging for Odds & Ends.

The strong story around “imperfect” produce is a big part of Misfits Market’s brand story. While Odds & Ends is an extension of that brand mission, incorporating the new private label proved to be a challenge for ThoughtMatter.


“The truth is the original brand was built on unwanted and misshapen produce with a mission solidly around food waste. That’s a tough business to scale,” said Phillip Lauria, strategy director for ThoughtMatter. “After our workshop and conversations with the founder and marketing team, we understood their ambition to move beyond funny-looking food and food waste synonymous with Misfits Market and more towards affordability and access." Even though Misfits' origins about saving unwanted produce and diverting from landfill already resonated with consumers, they needed to connect that narrative to a larger story about how everyone deserves access to affordable, healthy foods.

Visually, Odds & Ends retains the Misfits' spirit, starting with the name, a nod to the parent brand’s purpose of selling food that would otherwise get thrown out. The wordmark’s letterforms are fun and quirky, and the earth tones used on the packaging serve as attractive backdrops to playful illustrations.


Part of ThoughtMatter’s process was tapping into Misfits' loyal consumers who look forward to their boxes of ugly produce.

“Super fans are the key to everything. Listen and get it right with them, and you will be rewarded,” explained ThoughtMatter creative director Ben Greengrass. “Through social listening and data provided by the client, we uncovered some very simple, powerful insights. There’s a thrill in not knowing. It feels like Christmas every time, and subscribers feel like a contestant on the cooking show Chopped when they open their Misfits box. The box was the hero. It was the item that subscribers couldn’t wait to get home to and see what challenge awaited them. It was their conduit to creativity in the kitchen."


By building a simple but sleek visual identity system for the new brand of kitchen basics and staples, they can support that daily ritual and further connect with home cooks. Ultimately, that box that shows up every week or so becomes your own personal Food Network battle.

"Your Odds & Ends are your tools to take on the challenge confidently and make the most out of your box,” Greengrass added.

Odds & Ends is available now from Misfits Market.

Images courtesy of Misfits Market.