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Wesson Oil's Rebrand Inspired By 123-Year History

by Rudy Sanchez on 05/04/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Since 1899, Wesson oil has been a staple in American kitchens. Founder David Wesson developed a process for deodorizing cottonseed oil, and the brand would become popular as it was a healthier alternative to animal fats. 

Despite taking a two-decade advertising hiatus, Wesson remained a market leader as the best-selling cooking oil in the US. However, Richardson International felt it was time to give Wesson a makeover. Diving into the archives, the redesign takes advantage of Wesson’s excellent branding history, including 1964’s logo designed by Saul Bass. 

The new bottles avoid falling into a nostalgia trap while finding inspiration in their brand heritage. The packaging uses tri-colored labels and pulls typography from the past, including the original Wesson can. The revised wordmark is much more contemporary, and while the bottle shapes remain the same, a new cap includes a reference to Wesson oil’s purity and 1899 founding and Memphis roots. Additionally, each type of Wesson oil, Canola, Corn, Vegetable, and Best Blend, has its own pleasant color palette, forming an intelligent and cohesive system.

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“More than a century ago, Mr. Wesson innovated plant-based cooking oil, moving us away from rendered animal fat,” said Irman Webb, director of US retail sales for Richardson, in a press release. “The proprietary purification process made a superior oil that cemented consumer loyalty, giving Wesson a cult status passed down for generations through family recipes. We're eager to reconnect with home cooks across America over great food.”

You can also see Wesson Oil’s rebrand at purewesson.com.