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Chuco Coin Brings The Power Of Street Tacos To The Blockchain

by Rudy Sanchez on 04/01/2022 | 2 Minute Read

With cryptocurrency empowering and enriching more savvy and experienced investors every day, a new NFT project aims to leverage the universal love for street tacos to get that bag while escaping SEC scrutiny called Chuco Coin.

Inspired by the rising influence of Latino consumers in the US, Chuco Coin invites folks that missed out on Doge, Ethereum, and Bitcoin profits to invest in its unregulated security. Chuco Coin isn’t some celebrity-endorsed, pump-and-dump rug pull—the founders have promised on Twitter not to scam, laying out a realistic roadmap that includes making probiotic, vegan, gluten-free, functional sodas designed for today’s creative crypto bro on the go, but with a Latin twist.

There are no actual cans of product available yet, but Chuco Chug functional drinks are coming soon, and the founders have shared early concept art which doesn’t stray too far from the NFT aesthetic. Early flavors include Lychee Lengua and Blueberry Buche and come fortified with all-natural fruit taco juice.

Editorial photograph

Chuco Coin holders will get a discount on Chuco Chug and special, exclusive experiences, which the founders have promised won't be haphazard taco truck meet-ups with other bag holders still believing in the community after the paid influencers dumped. But who knows? #NotFinancialAdvice #ChucoCoin #ALaLuna

“We noticed the increased purchasing power of Hispanics in America and how easy it is to make money with crypto, so it just made sense to start an NFT project inspired by tacos and Mexican culture,” said Chet Vaynerblanc, CEO and co-founder of Chuco Coin, in a press release. “We’re excited to build a new Web3 community that bridges the gap between food trucks and the metaverse!”

“So much innovation is happening in crypto, but no one’s thought to leverage the popularity of street tacos to sell NFTs to the lucrative Hispanic community,” Vaynerblanc added. “The lack of representation in Web3 of tacos eaters was an obvious opportunity to introduce a more inclusive way of participating in crypto.”

Minting the first coins is on the horizon, as the creators still have to PayPal the developers and designers, so stay tuned. In the meantime, join Chuco Coin’s discord to meet other Chucos and share hopium-drenched memes. #diamondhands

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