Bootstrap Brewing’s New Pickle Me Up Beer With Packaging Designed By Moxie Sozo

by Chloe Gordon on 02/08/2022 | 1 Minute Read

Call me crazy, but I think pickles are the new cauliflower. The salty and vinegary vegetable is everywhere right now, from soup and chip varieties to fried treats; you truly can't beat the taste. 

The latest from the pickle-verse is Pickle Beer (yes, pickle BEER) brought to us from Bootstrap Brewing. The pink and green label draws you in, and the endless cat illustrations keep you wanting more. The packaging for the bizarrely fascinating drink comes from Moxie Sozo and pulls inspiration from YouTube videos of cats versus cucumbers. 

"I was inspired by the hilarious videos of cats afraid of cucumbers and asked Moxie Sozo to design this can with kitties and cucumbers," says Leslie Kaczeus of Bootstrap Brewing Company. "They had the great idea of personalizing it by including our beloved three kitties Maggie, Sam, and Stella in the design, which was amazing. Then we incorporated Pickle Ball by adding a paddle and ball—and we always have a cowbell in our designs to complete the theme."

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

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