Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse Package Extends The Brands Sustainability Mission

by Chloe Gordon on 02/15/2022 | 1 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse Package According to the National Ocean Service, scientists estimate that there are approximately eight million metric tons of plastic in our oceans and waterways. By 2050, one study estimates that there will be more plastic than fish. As Microsoft’s Packaging and Content Design Team, we’re committed to making every effort we can to reduce plastic waste and eliminate all single use plastics in our packaging by 2025.

Editorial photograph

Our packaging for the Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse is a small step forward in that sustainability journey. While the product shell is made with 20% recycled ocean plastic reclaimed from the Sargasso Sea, the pulp packaging is 100% fiber-based material and 100% recyclable, the first of its kind for Microsoft packaging. The white pulp structure possesses small, debossed details elevating its premium nature and the sustainable product story comes to life via targeted storytelling across the paper wrap. We’re excited about breaking new ground with this packaging, and hope to extend its sustainability benefits across future form factors.

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