Featured image for Lunchables Holiday Packs Inspired By Some Of The Seasons' Parental Stressors

Lunchables Holiday Packs Inspired By Some Of The Seasons' Parental Stressors

by Rudy Sanchez on 12/01/2022 | 2 Minute Read

It’s called “The Holidays,” but the lead-up to Christmas can be ridiculously stressful for parents. This year Lunchables wants to add a little levity inspired by the most mentioned stressors parents mentioned on Twitter last season while also helping kids distracted with a limited edition Holiday Pack.

Lunchables Holiday Packs are available in three different offerings. “Son of a Nutcracker! I Forgot to Hide the Elf!” gives parents license to approve pizza for breakfast and buy time to hide the elf in a new spot. “It’s December 24, Where’s the Wrench?!” is a turkey, cheddar, cracker, and cookie combination that’s inspired by last-minute putting together gifts like bicycles, drum kits, and doll houses. Finally, “How is the Gift Still Two States Away?!” is a ham, cheddar, cracker, and cookie meal that let’s “Santa” duck out to look for a backup gift for the one stuck in transit. All three also include stickers.

Each box features fun graphics like a gingerbread cookie frowning holding a wrench, penguins separated from shipping boxes on different pieces of ice, and an elf. The packaging also serves as a backdrop for kid-created Lunchables builds for festive playtime at the table that apes the recent JKR redesign.

“Parents are our biggest partners in continuing our mission to fuel kids’ creativity and imaginations,” said Erin Fitzgerald, brand manager of Lunchables, in a press release. “This holiday season, it is time for us to help power them forward, provide a little comic relief and give them the opportunity to take a few extra minutes to tackle whatever the holiday season may throw at them.”

The trio of Lunchables Holiday Packs is available now.

Image courtesy of Kraft Heinz.