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Liquid Death Announces Line Of Flavored Sparkling Water, Keeps The Packaging Hard AF

by Rudy Sanchez on 01/31/2022 | 3 Minute Read

Canning water isn’t a new concept, but Liquid Death has taken the idea of RTD still and sparkling H2O mainstream with its heavy metal branding and strong sustainability message around using aluminum instead of plastic.

Given such success, which includes a deal with festival and event venue firm Live Nation to replace plastic bottled water with Liquid Death, it was only a matter of time before it branched out into flavored sparkling water.

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“A lot of our sparkling water customers have been dying for us to come out with flavors, so we have some built-in demand. Our Instagram post of the flavor cans is our second-best performing post of all time, second only to our Tony Hawk post that literally broke Instagram,” Mike Cessario, co-founder and CEO of Liquid Death, told Dieline.

“Many flavored options fall in the zero-zero-zero category—zero carbs, zero calories, zero sugar, and often zero flavor. On the other end of the spectrum, there are super sweet sodas with tons of sugar or intense sweeteners,” Cessario said.

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“Our flavored sparkling waters have also found a new gap within the flavored water market itself,” Mike explained. “Our flavored waters are lightly sweetened with three grams of real agave nectar, coming in at just 20 calories, so you get a much better taste without sacrificing too much on health.”

Liquid Death took its quality Alpine water and added a splash of flavor, electrolytes, and a touch of sweetness to create its new sparkling flavored waters. The packaging follows a similar formula; taking Liquid Death’s fun and standout packaging and adding some color. Berry It Alive looks the most similar to the original packaging, with a white background, gold as a secondary color, and a touch of red. Mango Chainshaw sports a gold hue with black with a little white. Finally, Severed Lime makes excellent use of green and yellow, with a bit of white. Otherwise, they retained core elements such as the wordmark and skull.

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The bottom of every case also features art from partnered artists, just like the original still and sparkling. Mango Chainsaw’s art is from Will Carsola, creator of Adult Swim’s Mr. Pickles and a writer and director on Liquid Death’s horror film Dead Till Death. Cessario says they left the artwork black-and-white to invite customers to color it themselves.

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NY-based collage artist Joe Donovon provides clock-centric art on Severed Lime cases, while Berry It Alive’s artwork comes courtesy of LA-based tattoo and graphic artist Thomas Fernández, who brings the same skater vibe found in his work for brands Santa Cruz and Live Rad to canned water.

Liquid Death’s sparkling flavored water is available now at LiquidDeath.com.