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Happier Unveils 'World's First' Refillable Toothpaste Dispenser

by Rudy Sanchez on 01/17/2022 | 2 Minute Read

It's no secret that one of the enduring conundrums of single-use plastic waste is the toothpaste tube. While Colgate and Tom's have made some progress with recyclable containers, other brands like Bite have simply reinvented the format with what essentially boils down to a toothpaste pill.

Well, dental care brand Happier wants to throw their hat in the ring to make cleaning teeth and gums just a teensy bit more sustainable, too. The UK brand uses aluminum toothpaste tubes, for example. Happier’s plastic caps are also curbside recyclable and white because it is easier to recycle than colored plastic. Plus, their toothbrushes get made from bamboo. Packaging like padded shipping envelopes are made from 100% paper, including the labels, and is recyclable and reusable. 

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Best of all, Happier has unveiled what it calls the world’s first refillable toothpaste dispenser, taking a further step towards sustainability.

Happier’s dispenser is a slick aluminum and plastic affair, and the refill capsules will come in biodegradable bioplastic. The outside of the container has a shiny, raw finish, and the spout tops come in one of four colors, mint, peach, pink, and white. Refill capsules will be available by subscription.

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“We are so excited to be the world’s first toothpaste company to bring a refillable toothpaste dispenser to market,” Faye Wilson, founder of Happier, said in an announcement. “Refills are becoming more popular across food and beauty, so why not dental care? Toothpaste is a product we all use twice a day, but innovation in this market has been pretty slow up until now.”

Happier says that the dispenser and refills will be available sometime this spring.

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